WWE Wrestlemania main event schedule and cage room results potential reveal plot ahead of time!

2022-05-22 0 By

Today, sports Illustrated, a veteran wrestling media outlet, has published WWE Wrestlemania’s main match schedule and potential secrets of the cage match.Chamber of Secrets will kick off tomorrow morning Beijing time and Wrestlemania will kick off on April 3, 2022 Beijing time!According to Sports Illustrated, Brock Lesner is likely to walk out of the Chamber of Secrets of the Cage as WWE champion, which means Bobby Leslie could be a champion once again.In addition, Sports Illustrated points out that WWE is interested in Austin Theory winning the WWE Championship in the future, but not right now!Because it’s too early for Austin Theory to win the WWE championship!In addition, arrangements for the wrestlemania 38 main event have also been revealed!Once Brock Lesner walks out of the Chamber of Cage as the WWE champion, that means the universal Championship match between Roman Raines and Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania 38 will go straight to a winner-take-all match!Roman Raines holds the Universal championship, and Brock Lesner holds the WWE Championship, and the winner will walk out of Wrestlemania as a double champion!And that match will be the main event of the second night of Wrestlemania 38!And as for the first night of Wrestlemania 38’s main event!Sports Illustrated, a veteran wrestling outlet, says WWE will schedule a Ronda Rossi VS Charlotte Smackdown women’s championship match!This championship will take place on the first night of wrestlemania 38!As for other related battles, they are still to be determined!On top of that, there’s still no word from Cold Stone’s Steve Austin on whether or not he’ll be playing.Today, WWE insiders confirmed that WWE is interested in bringing Austin back to Wrestlemania 38, and that Austin is willing to compete!