Shenzhen: China’s first e-cigarette safety clinical study registered

2022-05-22 0 By

Wang Jun, media reporter of Yangcheng Evening News, has learned that a clinical study on the safety of e-cigarettes initiated by RELX (Wuxin Technology) has been successfully registered in the Chinese Clinical Trial Registration Center (ChiCTR), the first-level institution of the Who International Clinical Trial Registration Platform.This study is undertaken by the Fogcore Technology Atomization Product Evaluation Laboratory of Sun Yat-sen University.The laboratory is the first research platform covering the whole process from non-clinical to clinical research in the field of atomization science in China.It is reported that this is the first clinical study focusing on the safety of e-cigarettes in China, and the second clinical research project initiated by Yue Ke.In March 2021, Yuenke successfully applied for the first clinical study on e-cigarettes in China, exploring the effects of using e-cigarettes and cigarettes on human biomarkers in healthy smoking subjects.The study has been successfully completed and the results will be published within the year.Professor Zhong Guoping, director of this research project and deputy director of foggy Core Technology Atomization Product Evaluation Laboratory of Sun Yat-sen University, introduced that this study intends to recruit 36 healthy subjects who have a smoking habit and randomly divide them into groups to observe the short-term effects of different products on the respiratory function and cardiovascular function of the subjects.It is reported that at present, Yue Engraved has a physical and chemical laboratory, life science laboratory and other professional experiments;Different dimensions of cooperation have been established with 8 universities, 2 hospitals and 10 research and commissioned research institutions.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | QiuRuiNi