It was 24 years ago that The National football Team beat Japan 2-0.Wu Xi triumphed over Vietnam

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The Chinese national football team beat Japan 2-0, such news has been 24 years ago!After all, China hasn’t beaten Japan in nearly 24 years, the last time it did so was in the 1998 Dainas Cup.Horton as coach, led the National football team to a 2-0 away victory over Japan.This game, Li Bing scored twice;Interestingly, this game, Fan Zhiyi missed the penalty, otherwise it is 3-0 Japan.Unfortunately, we have not won a war like this for 24 years.In the east Asian Cup, Asian Cup and World Preliminary matches, China has played Japan 12 times in total, with a record of 5 draws and 7 losses without a win.At 18:00 on January 27, 2022, China’s national football Team played away to Japan’s men’s football team, which lost 0-2.China football team lost the game is not terrible, terrible is only 2 shots, 0 shots on target.The first goal of the National football team happened in the 69th minute, this is the first time the National football team shot!Not to mention, there is no goalkeeper in The Japanese men’s football team, and the National football team may not be able to score!By comparison, the Japanese men’s soccer team had 16 shots, six on target and two goals.Therefore, the gap between Chinese and Japanese football is obvious.”When He played in the Premier League, he was slow and slow,” one fan said.And this and the national football team than, south wild tuo Shi like opened 1.5 times the speed.That’s the gap.The national football team has the heart and the weakness, the speed, the thinking, the whole can not keep up, the strength also can not make up.In other words, the national football team has lost its physical advantage.In the 34th minute, Hao Junmin, the playmaker of China’s national team, tried to steal the ball but Japan’s captain, Kato Endo, got stuck and was called for a foul.Somewhat depressively, Wu Junmin, 34, who plays for Wuhan football team, is worth 100,000 euros;The 28-year-old, who plays for Stuttgart, is worth 10 million euros.That’s the business value!The difference of two people, not only reflect on worth, still reflect on data!In the first half alone, Endo touched the ball 41 times and gave it away five times.He lost the ball 12 times in 26 touches.How can the National football team win with such a gap?Let’s just say that Hao junmin is not alone in this race!The comparison between Hao Junmin and Endo is just an epitome of national football team and Japanese men’s football team.Kubo Kenhide, Minamano Takashi, our national football team, lost 0-2, is perfect.Some fans said: The National football team does not need any tactics, only need a scapegoat!Wu Lei, no ball to kick, no state, or back to the Super bar!Our fans say: the overall thinking of the FOOTBALL Association is backward, no matter how China Football team and Guangzhou Evergrande naturalize Brazilian players, it is in vain!Li Xiaopeng, at present, we think he is not stronger than Li Tie, at least so far.Some fans said: The time left for the National football team is running out!CSL D clubs are struggling, the youth program is facing bankruptcy, no one plays football for teenagers, and the scary thing is that there are only a few thousand registered professional football players in the Chinese Football Association, including amateurs, it is only about 50,000!By comparison, the number of registered players in Japan is around 500,000.Other fans said: there are no players, the concept of youth training backward, some youth training plan, in the selection of teenagers, is to tall, small eliminated, now, we still talk about what technology?After the match, Wu Xi said: Japan is very strong, basically controlled the match, the first half is not adapt to the adjustment, the second half improved, but also posed a certain threat to the opponent, it is a pity to lose the match.They controlled the two points very well, which also made it difficult for us to attack. For the match against Vietnam, Wu Xi said, “First of all, we need to adjust and recover well. We will go to Vietnam tomorrow, which is also the Spring Festival, and we want to give the fans a victory.”‘I hope on the first day of the New Year, the administration will announce the dissolution of the Football association and the men’s national team to give everyone a good year,’ said one fan.After the seventh round, China ranked fifth with 1 win, 2 draws, 4 losses and 5 points, and had no hope of qualifying.