China team error, regret to pick silver, Jia Zongyang wu face crying!The United States made a comeback in the final

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Beijing time on February 10, the winter Olympics the Chinese delegation for the fourth gold points, in freestyle skiing aerial skill mix group project, the Chinese delegation has a strong strength, this project a total of 8 teams, China sent Xu Mengtao + Gu Zongyang + JiGuangPu squad, the final total for two rounds, the first round of the top 4 into the second round, the second round for the gold medal race.In the first round, the Chinese trio performed very well and steadily, with perfect movements and ranked first.In the second round of the gold medal race, Xu took an 18-point lead on her first dive, but Jia zongyang made a big mistake on her second dive, landing and tumbling, and was overtaken by the United States by 21 points.In the final jump qi Guangpu did not complete the big turnaround, eventually China lost to the United States team in the final round, regret to win the silver.In the first round of the first jump, Belarussia Hushkova, the gold medalist of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, got 84.74 points in difficulty of 3.150. Tylno of Canada got 93.06 points and Nikikina of Russia and Austria only got 79.66 points. After that, The Swiss athletes made a mistake and The United States’ Great star Caldwell got 4.293 points in difficulty.A whopping 104.31!It was Xu Mengtao’s turn, and the difficulty factor was also 4.293. She did three backward somersault + three twists. After taking off with power, she turned smoothly with sufficient height.Xu got 94.01 points.After the first jump, The Chinese team is second.Starting the second jump, Belarusian 89.82, Canada’s Fontaine jumped 113.97, excited.China’s direct rival lillis of the United States, with a difficulty coefficient of 4.525, made a small error after touching the snow and scored only 101.81 points.It was the turn of China’s Jia Zongyang, the difficulty coefficient of 4.425, backward somerset three weeks + twist three weeks, landing no problem, the air posture is very good, and the height is enough, Jia Zongyang got 124.78 points super high points, one stroke to help The Chinese team to the first total score!After two jumps, China finished first with 218.79 points, with second-place Canada scoring 207.03 and the United States 206.12.The third jump began, belarus and Switzerland’s overall difficulty is general, the completion of a higher degree, and did not pose a substantial threat to the Chinese team, The Canadian player Owen jumped out of the 119.91 points of the high score, the American player Shenifeld difficulty coefficient of 4.525, this jump is very high, rapid rotation, landing stability, get 124.43 points!It was The turn of China’s Qi Guangpu to fight, difficulty coefficient 4.525, backward somerset three body around, acceleration, takeoff, somerset smooth, landing attitude control in place, Qi Guangpu got 118.10 points!After three jumps in the first round, China ranked first with 336.89 points and advanced to the second round of gold medal competition.The United States was second with 330.55 points, while Canada was third with 326.94.The second round began, the first jump, the Swiss female player Bell made a mistake, only 57.01 points.Tylenol of Canada landed and fell, scoring 62.74 points.It was Caldwell’s turn to land on his back, but he also scored 88.86 points.What’s going on here, a group benefit?Xu Mengtao, the difficulty coefficient of 4.293, the air posture than the United States Caldwell more relaxed, and no mistakes landing!Xu Mengtao is very excited, Shouting excitedly at the audience!The judges gave him 106.03 points, and the crowd went wild!That’s almost 18 points behind the AMERICANS!From the second jump, Switzerland’s Werner scored 109 points, not bad.Ark Canada scored a high score of 116.48, while Lillis of the United States chose the difficult 5.00 routine, with a smooth air and a steady landing with just a little crossover!Lillis scored a whopping 135 points!Jia Zongyang went to the fight and chose the action of 4.425 difficulty. His air posture was very good, but he made a serious mistake in landing. He bounced on the ground and went out with a straight forward somersault.By the end of the second round, China was 21.81 points behind the United States.Starting with the third dive, Swiss Rotter scored 110 points, settling on a total of 276.01;Canada’s Michael Owen stumbled on the landing, but scored 111.76 points to secure at least a bronze medal.Schoenefeld of the United States, with a difficulty coefficient of 4.525, did not make a big mistake, and finally got 114.48 points, settling the total score at 338.34!Qi Guangpu’s last jump, difficulty coefficient 4.525, also performed well, but needed 136.3 points to win gold, finally Qi Guangpu got 122.17 points, China’s total score 324.22 points, ranked second, sorry to win silver!However, these three players of The Chinese team performed very well, they deserve applause and respect, continue to cheer.