The only two state-level tourist blocks in Guangdong, located in Guangzhou and Chaozhou, are free and open to visitors

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Recently, the first list of state-level tourist and leisure blocks was released, and only two blocks in Guangdong were included, namely Yongqing Square in Liwan District of Guangzhou city and Paifang Street in Xiangqiao district of Chaozhou City.The two selected blocks are all transformed from historic old streets. They are crowded with tourists all year round, especially during major festivals such as Spring Festival and National Day.Guangzhou Yongqing square and archway street free open, the former distribution of many Xiguan old house and the early Republic of China arcade, the latter from the Ming and Qing dynasties stone archway and arcade composition.Relatively speaking, Yongqing square is more like a cultural and creative business circle, archway street market atmosphere is thicker, the heat of the last two years can be comparable with Chengdu Taigu Li, wide narrow alley.Yung-ching Square Yung-ching Square is located in Guangzhou En Ning Road, east even up and down nine commercial street, before the old building, more dangerous buildings and relatively desolate area, especially after the transformation of lingnan charm.Enning Road outside Yung-ching Square is mostly arcade buildings, while the inner street is dominated by Xiguan big houses, which are now transformed into cultural experience stations, specialty restaurants, creative offices and cultural performance Spaces.It has become a mecca for taking photos. Many tourists come to punch in every day, and photographers use it as a creative base for cultural photos.Yongqing Square is composed of three horizontal and five vertical streets and four theme Spaces, of which the Cantonese Opera Art Museum is the “museum”.The museum is next to Lizhiwan Chung, an antique building with an interior resembling a classical garden that is now one of guangzhou’s most popular online attractions.Another popular attraction in Yung-ching Square is The ancestral residence of Bruce Lee, which was purchased by his father and is said to have never been there.Bruce Lee’s ancestral home, a traditional Xiguan mansion, has been transformed into an exhibition of his life.Paifang Street paifang Street is located at the edge of chaozhou ancient City, near kaiyuan Temple and the ancient city wall.Pai Fang Jie has long been one of the most popular online streets in Chaozhou, with almost every tourist coming to the city to clock in. Since the end of 2020, it has become even more popular.The stone archway of the archway street was rebuilt in the new century, and now you can see a total of 22 archways. Because the archway looks relatively new, the night scenery is more dreamy than the daytime scenery, and the popularity is also more prosperous than the daytime. After watching the light show of The Gwangje Bridge by the Han River, you will feel more through traveling here on foot.Paifang Street is the epitome of Chaozhou culture and the busiest commercial street in the ancient city. On the street, you can find a lot of chaozhou snacks and local products such as old fragrant yellow. Some shops sell handicrafts that are hard to see outside Chaoshan.