Shaanxi cross talk to accompany you New Year!Qingqu Drum Tower Theatre 20% off welfare attack, hot and noisy opening

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Qingqu Club drum Tower Theatre to celebrate the Spring Festival qingyun straight up, song old love long.Founded in 2007 by famous crosstalk performers Miao Fu and Wang Sheng, Qingqu Club has become a veritable “ceiling” of Shaanxi crosstalk in the hearts of audiences.The characteristic of Qingqu Club lies in that it takes root in shaanxi local culture, carries forward classical art, embodies shaanxi’s unique local conditions and customs in a humorous and interesting way, and shows the infinite splendor of Shaanxi culture to the audience.During the Spring Festival of 2022, a performance will be added, covering a total area of 1,200 square meters, integrating “tea bar, performing arts, cultural and creative products, and fashion punch points”, which is the best choice for leisure and entertainment.The auditorium is divided into two floors upstairs and downstairs. In the first half of the downstairs, there are 18 eight immortals tables named after the 108 Square of Chang ‘an City in tang Dynasty. They give you a close and super clear visual experience, drinking melon seeds and tea and laughing freely.Listen to an interesting shaanxi cross talk, feel the most down-to-earth shaanxi culture, a cup of tea, a plate of melon seeds, a group of chao pai, laugh in the belly laugh of life, the Drum Tower theater of Qingqu Club will make your trip worthwhile.02 Spring Festival discount closed paper fan long, xingmu square, wearing a gown, standing at the table……Melon seeds, dried fruit, big cover tea, said to learn funny singing, witty, witty, funny hold freely!Vivid Shaanxi cross talk, keep let you laugh out of abdominal muscles!During the Spring Festival qingqu club discount does not close!During the Spring Festival, there is a 20% discount for the whole afternoon, and there are multiple Spring Festival surprise activities waiting for you to get, come here to unlock the happy New Year and make the whole family happy!03 numerous welfare to you hit welfare a Spring Festival holiday performance plus a laugh constantly, contract your laugh point Spring Festival afternoon sessions full-court ticket price 20% off plus no price increase, more people more concessions qingqu Drum Tower theater,, Spring Festival opening show waiting for you!In the message, 3 audiences will be given a voucher of 168 yuan each (the deadline is March 31, 2022). Unprecedented value welfare, come and participate!You will have the opportunity to receive Spring Festival Couplets or customized 2022 calendar from Qingqu Club drum Tower Theatre, No. 55, Zhuzhou City, Beilinglin District