How does battle nation new darling star way pull month move Russian market

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The Russian Federation is located in the northern end of Eurasia, across the two continents, is the world’s largest guo home.The temperature difference in Russia is large throughout the year, and the harsh climate environment is very harsh for the use of vehicles, which makes the fighting ethnic groups put forward higher requirements for the safety, reliability and power performance of vehicles.SUV products are very popular in the local market for their outstanding portability, adaptability and versatility.VX entered the Russian market formally on December 2 last year. This flagship SUV in the domestic medium and large SUV market has been affirmed by consumers. What is the real ability to move local consumers?At the beginning of product development, star tulanyue has been keeping up with the high standard of globalization.Model based on M3X Mars architecture PRO, the architecture in the early stage of platform development, will be all-round safety as a gene, more comprehensive and reliable safety characteristics into the star journey in the middle.Among them, the integrated cage body structure, more emphasis on the overall strength of the body, to ensure that the vehicle in collision and roll to the occupant of a comprehensive safety protection;Make the car body covered with 85% high-strength steel, make the car body material more ductile, control the bending or folding deformation of the car frame, improve the impact strength.At the same time, the moon with the full dimension of active security configuration, to achieve a full range of “five-star safety”.TPMS tire pressure monitoring system (with temperature display), RMI active anti-roll, HSA ramp assist and BDW brake disc cleaning are all in one step.With 22 ADAS intelligent auxiliary driving system, it can analyze the situation of road roughness at any time and make a quick response, so as to ensure safety “preparation for a rainy day”.Based on these safety performance, Let Lanyue won the “five-star safety” rating of C-NCAP in 2021, and with a comprehensive score rate of 92.4%, won the first yi in the safety evaluation of 7 medium-sized and large SUV new cars since the 2018 version of the new regulations.Powerful power and chassis, more can go unimpeded Russia is vast, customers travel long distance when more, need strong vehicle power, chassis.The moon carries star nuclear power 2.0TGDI engine, matching 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, the maximum power of the engine is 187kW, peak torque of 400 N·m.Engine maximum thermal efficiency of 41%, and has 96kW/L of power, a number of technical advantages let this engine achieve the same level of “the strongest China heart”.Russia has a long winter and a lot of ice and snow roads in extreme weather.The Borgwarner intelligent four-wheel drive system used by Rangmoon can automatically distribute front and rear axle torque according to timely road conditions and achieve continuous variable transmission of 0-100% torque to cope with rough road conditions such as mud, sand and snow.It can also enhance the dynamic stability of the vehicle in driving. With the help of horse UC6 tires, it can guarantee the grip of the front and rear wheels on the wet road surface, so that it is safe to drive.Rich warm heart configuration, humanity and technology care star way car in the introduction of the moon models in Russia, to do enough homework on the local car conditions, combined with the use of Russian users, so that the moon is more competent for the local market requirements.Russian customers are generally tall, and a larger SUV is more suitable for a full load.Pull the moon with ample car ride space, so that each occupant can get comfortable ride experience.Practical “2+3+2” 7-seater layout, nearly 5 meters long combined with 2.9 meters wheelbase, so that each passenger can get plenty of head and leg room.In addition, after the third row of seats, it can provide flat space for the trunk to carry things, especially large backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking shoes and tents needed for outdoor sports, or skis, ski suits, helmets and snow poles and other equipment needed for winter sports, can be loaded with the car.Not to mention the daily shopping malls to supermarkets, all kinds of goods with the family travel (baby carriage, baby carriage and trolley box and other large items) can be placed in the trunk.As a mature automobile market in Russia, customers have certain requirements on creating a sense of quality and noble atmosphere inside the car.Embrace the second row with comfortable aviation headrest, before and after the folding Angle, more can fit the occupant of the head, so that the user is seated with respect to the treatment;The yi row and the front wind window double layer soundproof glass, can enhance the tranquility inside the car cabin, will isolate the noise outside the car;Privacy glass in the second and third rows and rear Windows allows occupants to gain privacy and protect the privacy of the vehicle.Russian customers are a lot of music enthusiasts, the whole system equipped with SONY audio, after master level carefully tuned SONY 8 speakers /12 speakers (with DSP), the use of digital signal processing technology, so that the car surround sound field more three-dimensional, high and low bass level, create a theater sound.To deal with the cold test of Russia, customers hope that the car can be four seasons like spring, the moon can easily realize your little wish.The whole system of The moon uses three zones of constant temperature air conditioning, with independent adjustable temperature control panel in the back row and independent air conditioning air outlet in the third row, so that each passenger has a comfortable experience.Write in the end: can say, star way into the Russian market is well prepared.With its 2.0TGDI engine, Borgwarner intelligent four-wheel drive, comprehensive safety configuration and user-friendly configuration that takes into account user needs, it will become a new explosive model made in China to impress battle-celebrities!