A: congratulations!Olympic 5 gold king delivery, the husband basked in the delivery room, baby face full of vitality

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Although on the first day of the lunar New Year, The Chinese men’s football team to the people of the country, let the fans of the Spring Festival did not have a good.However, with the opening of the Winter Olympics and the Chinese women’s football team winning the Asian Cup, the mood of fans has obviously improved.At the same time, The Chinese sports world came a piece of good news, in the Chinese New Year’s day, the Olympic hardware king Wu Minxia official announced the smooth birth of two children, named “An an”, implying that their children are both, has been the warm blessing of the netizens.After the birth, Wu minxia posted a photo of her husband, daughter and newborn son holding hands, showing that all four members of her family were there, overflowing with happiness.Later, her husband also posted a picture of Wu Minxia in the delivery room. The baby’s face is full of vitality and particularly cute. After Wu Minxia became pregnant, she often shared the latest situation through social media.It is worth mentioning that Wu Minxia, who gave birth to two children, has a pretty face, delicate and rosy skin and a good figure, worthy of being the diving beauty that attracted countless fans in those days.Wu Minxia is one of China’s top diving athletes. She was born in Shanghai in 1985. Thanks to the local solid foundation of diving and more professional talent training system, Wu Minxia started diving smoothly.After seven years of hard work, wu Minxia was selected to the national team at the age of 13.In 2001, Wu minxia reached the top of the world for the first time by winning the synchronized 3m springboard title at the World Championships.In the following years, Wu minxia grew up rapidly, and her partnership with Guo Jingjing became the “face” of Chinese women’s diving.What makes Wu even more impressive is that she has never let go of a champion in the 12 years from her Olympic debut in 2004 to her last competition in 2016, something That Guo failed to do.After the 2016 Rio Olympics, Wu minxia became a Legend in Chinese women’s diving with five gold MEDALS. In her 20 world Championships, she has won a total of 20 gold MEDALS and 32 MEDALS, which is unprecedented.But even if strong as Wu Minxia, also can not stop the passage of time, as the age of growth, she had to choose to retire, in order to express gratitude to this meritorious hero, the Chinese diving team specially held a farewell ceremony for her in the water Cube.Wu’s husband, Zhang Xiaocheng, is a sports program director. He was mainly involved in reporting track and field events in his early years. After meeting Wu by chance, they began to fall in love.However, it remains a mystery when Zhang and Wu started dating, and their romance was also accidentally revealed during a reporter’s interview during the 2016 Olympic Games.Zhang xiaocheng now owns a company and has a very successful career. He often accompanies Wu Minxia on camera, and the two of them scatter dog food every time they are in the same frame.