These are the reasons why a mother cat brings her kittens to you

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Have you ever seen your cat bring your kitten to you? Why?In fact, the mother cat put the baby cat in front of you, nothing more than the following reasons!1, the reason why the female cat put the baby cat in front of you, is nothing more than the female cat trusts you, when you are family, know that you will not hurt it and its children, so it will be willing to do so.2, the cat is also a psychological show off, when the mother cat gave birth to a kitten, in order to show off to you that they have a child, will put the child in front of you, as if to say: I have a baby, but you are still single dog.3, the cat’s IQ is actually very high, when the mother cat found her own cat baby sick, but they can do nothing, it will think of pet Lord, put the baby cat in front of you, I hope you can save the cat.4, you may be surprised, not all female cats are happy to raise their own kittens, some cats are lazy, it is not happy to raise after birth.Then shovel excrement officer will need to help it clean up, the mother cat will directly put the baby cat diao to your side, let you keep.5, some female cats give birth to more cats, then there may be a lack of milk, in order to let the cat survive, will put the baby cat in front of the owner.If you want your cat to have enough milk, you need to prepare enough nutrition for your cat. Try to choose some protein rich cat food.6, after the mother cat feeding the baby cat to a certain time, the baby cat’s nails will grow long, then it is easy to scratch the mother cat’s stomach, let the mother cat feel pain.Then it remembers that the owner has cut his nails, so it will put the baby cat in front of you, let you help the kitten to cut its nails.Conclusion: Would your mother cat do this?