The Winter Olympics are in full swing!A young American skier was moved to tears by a word from a volunteer

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According to the People’s Daily online on February 6, US snowboarder Tessa Moder said on social media on February 5 that she was so moved to hear Chinese volunteers shout “Welcome to China” in English at her during the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics that it brings tears to her eyes every time she recalls the scene.On February 4, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium.Many media praised the opening ceremony, saying that Beijing, “the City of Both Olympics”, would send a message of peace to the world and arouse people’s resonance to the Olympic spirit. Beijing would shock and move the world again.American snowboarder Tessa Moder, born in 2003, is a post-00s skier who is relishing the chance to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was also important to document the opening ceremony of the night.As she entered, Tessa Maude shouted “Ni hao” to the volunteers in Chinese.She was deeply impressed by the friendly and friendly attitude of the volunteers.’Welcome to China,’ a volunteer in a pink top responded enthusiastically in English.One observant netizen noticed the moment and commented on Tessa’s video that he had watched the heart-warming detail over and over again.Tessa Moder has since released a video response.In response to the video, Tessa said: “I watched the video over and over again and cried. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. All the volunteers were so kind and welcoming and made us feel at home.”More than one million people signed up to volunteer for the Beijing Winter Olympics, but only 27,000 of them were offered the chance to volunteer. 12,000 of them will also work for the paralympics.Earlier, the Biden administration made a mockery of the fact that it secretly applied for visas for its officials in a series of moves to boycott the Beijing Olympics, saying it would not send government officials to the Games.In addition, the United States has authorized the emergency evacuation of its embassy staff in Beijing during the Winter Olympics and conducted frequent military exercises in the South China Sea, all moves aimed at China.However, no amount of ambition of the Biden administration can change the attitude of people around the world to love peace, exchange and cooperation.In an open and inclusive manner, China welcomes friendly people from all over the world to attend this grand Meeting.As Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, the Winter Olympics are not an occasion for individual countries to show off. China will present a wonderful and safe sports feast to the world.