Talking about Chen Yingde’s actual combat ability, he could bounce a cat off the ground during a nap, and practiced kung fu until he hit people

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According to the theory of Yin and Yang, As well as the theory of dynamic and static opening and closing and the techniques of firmness, softness, void and reality, Chen’s Taijiquan has been handed down to the present day as a kind of mutual practice of light weight and slow speed.Chen Yingde And today xiaobian to talk with you about Mr. Chen Yingde, he is the Chen family of the 17th world.So what about Mr. Chen Yingde’s actual combat skills?In other words, how good is he in the field?Next xiaobian will give you a careful analysis.First of all, from Chen Yingde’s martial arts experience.In his early years, Chen Yingde learned martial arts from Mr. Yang Hu, and then he continued his martial arts studies under Mr. Wang Cixin and Mr. Wang Taiping in Beileng, Wenxian County, Henan Province.Chen Qingping According to many tai Chi books and periodicals, among the disciples of Chen Qingping, the tai Chi master, Mr. Li Jingyan is one of the most outstanding disciples in boxing attainments.It is said that Yang Hu learned taijiquan from Li Jingyan, and Yang Hu later passed on all his kungfu skills to Chen Yingde.In addition to Chen’s Taijiquan, there is another theory that Chen Yingde acquired the art directly from Mr. Li Jingyan.As for Mr. Chen Yingde’s real experience of learning boxing, it is now impossible to verify.However, it is an indisputable fact that Chen Yingde is a master of Chen taijiquan.Secondly, from the legendary anecdotes of Chen Yingde.It is said that Mr. Chen Yingde’s most famous stunt is to turn flower finger crotch hammer, and his old family in the anecdotal legend is countless.Legend has it that one day when Mr. Chen Yingde was taking a lunch break, a cat suddenly jumped on him. As a result, the cat seemed to be bounced off the ground and directly hit the wooden beams in his room.However, Mr. Chen Yingde still slept soundly as before, and his disciples did not dare to disturb him.It was not until Mr. Chen Yingde woke up from his sleep that he told his disciples the reason of the incident that it was a nervous reaction from practicing Taijiquan. Even so, it is said that “people do not know how to punch people”.Mr. Chen Yingde often says that taijiquan exercises people’s perception. As for what the perception here specifically refers to, Mr. Chen once explained some unintentional actions of ordinary people when they sleep at night.Chen’s Taijiquan for example, if ordinary people are pulled by external forces in their sleep, although they do not know the reality, they will still push their feet to get rid of the bondage of external forces.Others push away their covers if they get too hot in their sleep.In fact, this instinctive response from the senses without a brain reaction is called perception.In addition to Chen taijiquan, Mr. Chen Yingde’s kung fu is to achieve the highest realm of follow one’s will.Mr Chan is said to have rolled up his sleeve on the spot and spittle casually on the back of his wrist, sprinkling some white sugar on it.Then Mr. Chen stretched out his arm flat, and soon several flies gathered around him.But when several flies were sitting on Mr. Chen yingde’s arm to sting sugar, Chen immediately said “up”, the flies did fly, then he said “down” again, the flies fell back to their original place.Finally, on Mr. Chen Yingde a Chen tai Chi kung fu topic, let’s talk here today.Do you have any different opinions about whether Chen’s taiji boxing can stand the test of actual combat?Feel free to leave your unique views and comments below.# Taijiquan # (To learn more about the history of martial arts, welcome to pay attention to the “History of Nanshan Martial Arts” we media platform, the author is not easy to cultivate and create, handling is bound to track down to the end.)