Start tomorrow!Up to 88 yuan!Mianzhu big red envelope rain!And it could help with the grand prize

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Last day!”Sun • year” prize photography, short video contest will be submitted tonight 23:59 tomorrow!Voting channel, “grab red envelope” carnival synchronized open!!Time to test the hand speed ~ as long as you participate in the voting can be divided 30,000 yuan cash red envelope February 6 – February 14!9 days in a row!Every day!Single maximum 88 yuan!The grand prize of 26,000 yuan will be divided according to the number of votes.Don’t miss the last minute ~ come and join!Only 3 steps to enter!!First step and code to download and register the second step, click on the home page “magnet mianzhu” APP step 3 – choose “tan,” column fill out relevant information, upload works submitted can wait backstage audit (* after checking by staff unified upload) (1) participants, please stick to “sun” theme, with captured during the Chinese New Year festival and the joy of the moment, the reunion scene, etc.,The creation time of the entries should be between January 26 and February 5.② Photos (size ≦5M), video (size ≦30M);③ When submitting the work, be sure to fill in the name, contact information, name and introduction of the work, to facilitate the later award contact how to vote?● Time: February 6th — February 14th ● All registered users of the APP can vote, and each person can vote 6 votes per day. If you vote every day, you can grab a red envelope in cash.● Final result: according to the total number of votes for each entry, the first, second, third prize and excellence award will be awarded from the highest to the lowest.01 Open the “Picture mianzhu” APP — click “avatar” to enter the “my” interface — click “wallet” 02 open the “wallet” — click “withdrawal” — fill in the withdrawal amount, input the verification code will be directly to the account after the approval of your wechat wallet has not participated in the speed of upload works!Don’t forget to invite your relatives and friends to vote tomorrow.You rush to 5000 yuan prize duck!