CCTV opened a big drama “beyond” premiere, blood end, empathy interpretation of the transmission of hard power

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The most popular TV show of late is The Beginning, but the most popular TV show of late is Beyond.On Jan 27, li Gengxi and Sha Yi, a father-son pair, as well as Tu Songyan and Hu Jun lead the cast.The drama has ended its run on CCTV1, but it is still popular on Dragon TV and Beijing TV.The TV series tells the story of Chen Mian, a short track speed skater in Qingdao, who grew from a non-professional athlete to a national team athlete with love and hard work, and then began to compete in the Winter Olympics.Her story is inspiring and passionate.Since its premiere on January 9, Transcendence has attracted a lot of attention and won high praise from all walks of life around the world. Major mainstream media have focused on the report of this drama. It has also received high scores on douban and other major platforms, with a high score of 8.2 on Douban.It’s arguably the highest-rated show of 2022 so far.We are also depicted in this drama three generations of Chinese short track speed skater’s hard struggle of the spirit of the infection, moved.The whole drama is in the short track speed skating as the entry point, the “road to a strong country, the Winter Olympics, the Chinese dream” theme, skillfully into the story of individual growth and struggle.Through the depiction of three generations of Chinese short track speed skaters, it demonstrates national confidence and carries forward patriotic feelings.Through this play can reflect the style and character of contemporary Chinese athletes and the spirit of “transcendence” in the new era, but also to the world shows the magnificent development course of our country’s short track speed skating.As the Winter Olympics begin this year, the show is the opening salvo for the upcoming Games.The whole play can be said to be through a vivid three-dimensional characters of flesh and blood, vividly depicted every character, so that the audience also really feel the blood and glory of sports competition, as well as helpless and unwilling mood.By “beyond” the TV play, let us more and more people learned about the hardships and sweat behind the players, every glorious, there are countless people in the hardships, day and night, day after day of training, thanks to their hard training, and countless people behind silently pays, exposure to in the sports meeting, was able to win honor for our country.That’s what this show is all about.Just like the name of this TV play, it carries a lot of meaning.What this film shows is just short track speed skating, in which athletes surpass each other in corners. In fact, there are many meanings that can be extended to all walks of life.China is passing, and so are all of us.Only we do not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind hard work, only efforts can be better and better.The spirit of transcendence will certainly inspire every one of us, and it will also be reflected in different fields, and continue to surpass ourselves.”Beyond” not only the story can be said to be very attractive, the picture is also very simple and smooth, especially the ice sports shots, can be said to be seamless, such as flying, dazzling, beautiful.Sports competition is also a kind of art, which is called dynamic art. Transcendence is a preliminary attempt of our sports TV series, and there will be many excellent works to show to you in the future.Through the form of TV drama to us better convey the Chinese sports story, as well as the athletes of the spirit of struggle, but also will inspire us all tenacious struggle, constantly beyond their own, but also carry forward our Chinese culture.The hit of “Transcendence” allows us to constantly surpass ourselves in our ordinary life, and also shows us China’s ice and snow sports, which allows us to have a deeper understanding, and condenses our Chinese children’s Olympic complex. I don’t know how we feel after watching “Transcendence”?