A bolt from the blue, the women’s football team suddenly spread the news of cancer, 3 hours to raise 500,000, Shui Qingxia meritorious service

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A bolt from the blue, the women’s team by cancer death, fundraising, 500000, 3 hours ShuiQingXia who, we all know that Chinese women’s Asian cup after the team returned to China, is now in suzhou to isolate closed, during the period of isolation, the Chinese women’s team won’t relax to own request, also will not be complacent because we won the Asian cup, ShuiQingXia led the team,Immediately into the isolation of closed training, in the hope that the team at this stage are closed to rest, at the same time the girls of the women’s system of training, let everybody’s restoration and relaxation of body and mind, better training status, will let you return to the club, to be able to maintain a good attitude of hard work, let everyone to strive for the next season of super girls in the league,A good performance, for the second half of the year, when the Chinese women’s football team reassembled to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games, there will be a better state.It is good for the future development of Chinese women’s football, water ping xia came up with a very systematic way, and then looked back at the end of the Asian cup, the Chinese women’s team won the final championship, this really let us very surprised, because ShuiQingXia destiny.it is very hasty, but in a few months, she will be able to quickly roll into a ball this Chinese women’s football team,And under her leadership, the overall fighting capacity of The Chinese women’s football team continues to rise.Fell behind in the race, the situation on the buck the trend, really let us feel the unprecedented, after the Asian cup champion, a growing number of fans, to support and care about the Chinese women’s football, so I can better help the Chinese women’s football the girls, in the future to go abroad to participate in some games, the logistics will continue to upgrade,You can see that the women’s team is getting more and more respect and rewards, which are put together by winning game after game, because of the rewards that Shui Qingxia has led the team to put together.So ShuiQingXia Chinese women’s soccer team has made a great contribution for us, but more recently, from the women’s a bad news, according to our latest news, domestic media have featured in our Chinese women’s football team of international, is now the Shanghai women’s captain Xiong Xin, was recently diagnosed with fundus choroidal melanoma, which is a kind of eye cancer, confirmed after she had to turn to the world,Hoping to get donations to treat the disease, the donation after launch, three hours to get the fans more than 50 donations, the amount is enough to explain the appeal is very big, Chinese women’s football as a member of the women’s team this time, she was able to quickly within three hours to raise such a sum of money, to be able to get the best guarantee for their disease treatment,So that she can get better treatment in the future, let her recover as soon as possible, one day back to the court, will continue to contribute to the Chinese women’s football team.Because of ShuiQingXia led by the Chinese women’s team in the previous Asian cup proud record, for the Chinese women’s team won more attention, through such a bad news, we felt the warmth of the Chinese fans, we also feel the ShuiQingXia lead the Chinese women’s team, on the top of the Asia, the Chinese women’s team in the field of our whole China football,The influence and the driving force are very big, so we can really feel moved by such a small event, and all of this is the result of Shui Qingxia leading the Chinese women’s football team, so Shui Qingxia has made another contribution, we also look forward to her leadership, the women’s football team will be better and better in the future.