It is enough for me to be good and just.

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I don’t remember where I saw it before, but I like it.”I treat Kings who enter my heart;Not into my heart, disdain to perfunctory!”In fact, this is my character, my trait.Especially has entered the ear year, is even more so.Any relationship except family relations, with frequency, comrades, with edge, then get along with the heart;Otherwise, you should stay away and keep your distance.The so-called friends are not expensive but expensive.Life is short, there are so many things to do in the adult world, which can not take care of every friend’s feelings.Adult friendship, is a process of simplification, finally left, is always the one who share weal and woe.China is the only country in the world, let no one invade half of life, also do not need to please others and wronged yourself, do what you like.It is better to be happy with yourself than to please others against your will.In fact, the real pure friendship, no matter how good or bad, glory or down and out, will silently support you, care for you, understand you.Instead of walking away or kicking your ass.When a friendship requires pandering, suspicion, or avoidance of certain topics, it is no longer simple and doomed to fail.Sex and city, all the emotional impulse, is only the dull life of color.Everyone wants, everyone fantasy, touch a little interest foundation, soon impotence, and then escape.My life is frank and straightforward, good and bad.Some like it, some hate it.Bone grows flesh, character formed at three, but hard at sixty.But I have a good nature, dragon born nine son son individual, this is me.Unique and unrepeatable.It is enough for me to be good and just.
 It’s all about survival