2 points!Sorry, Jayne, it’s not Clay’s accuracy, it’s your chance. You’re useless

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The lakers roadies against the warriors, before the game, both teams are in a row, so they also want to get this game victory, after the race had begun was the score is very close, the warriors of library Ming performance, he 3 single quarter 3 had seven points and four rebounds, the lakers also followed, James scored 8 points, tucker, there are 5 points,The lakers trailed by six, however, after Bryant fouled them in the final minutes.Second quarter, the mighty begin with 0-9, pulled open 15 points at a stroke, but vogel called a timeout, the lakers offense is rising, in the face of the weaknesses of each other inside is not strong, the lakers’ big three continuously hit the basket score, the lakers narrowing the gap in the 5 points, assists last time James Bradley three points,Only three points separated the two teams at half time.Is still a very competitive game in the second half, the two teams, the lakers to 1 minute, wiggins scored five points, the warriors pulled open the score again, three points have in his Arsenal, the lakers continue to hit the basket, as tucker 3 hit, they once score fantastic goals, s&p hit 3 points, reeves perimeter buzzer also has, arrived at 1 points.Section 4 games, tuck and monk points in a row, the warriors have to score, the lakers played the 7-0 start out six points, critical moment or clay, scored his first jumper, then before opening for two consecutive take 3 points, wiggins three points are, the lakers to respond the basket score, clay three points again,Curry scored two points on James’ missed layup with 46 seconds left, and James made one of his last three free throws as they lost. James had a 26-15-8 triple-double, westbrook 19-7-5, Reeves had 13 points off the bench, and Monk added 12.Have to say, in the face of the lakers’ game, clay is really becomes peak, especially the details in the passive situation, he stands out and single section 10 6, three is 3, 4 single section 16 points leng forcefully to give back, warriors since returning from his full blown down from the highest scoring 33 points, if there is no clay,The Warriors are bound to lose this game.Of course, the Lakers lost by 2 points, but also have their own reasons, sorry James, at the end of the time lebron James had a chance to come back and tie the score, but he missed a layup, the last 3 free throws also missed the first, let the Lakers missed the best opportunity.The Lakers are the backdrop again, not klay shooting too well, playing too crazy, mostly Lebron not taking his chances, not not giving you a chance, giving you a chance, you’re useless.With the loss, the lakers improved to 26-31 with a win percentage of 45.6 percent, ninth in the Western Conference and 5.5 games behind the sixth-place Denver nuggets for a playoff berth.