How to identify true and false jade?

2022-05-18 0 By

The color of false celadon is not quite pure, compare natural celadon to be able to hair gray, and its grain resembles what draw go up is same, do not have administrative levels feeling.False jade quality of a material is coarser, contain a lot of impurity inside, and natural jade jade maitre is clean, feel more exquisite and smooth.Fake celadon sounds dull when struck with a metal rod, while natural celadon sounds clear and loud.Texture difference false jade density is low, and the touch is rough, not as fine as real jade surface, waxy oil.And false jade in the sun observation, crack is very much, really jade jade material is very clean, looks very waxy.The color of fake jade is more gray than the real jade, not pure blue.The internal impurity of celadon is few, structure orderly, grain is clear, and the grain of false celadon looks like what draw go up is same, do not have any administrative levels feeling, compare inflexible.Sound is depressing the toughness of false jade is low, industrial level is lower also, so thin rope is hanged, knock with metal bar can have depressing sound.Better quality jade belongs to transparent jade, containing mineral sundry less, high density, ringing ringing.