For those of you who don’t own a house, don’t ask me if I can buy a house this year

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— Yangzhou property market in March is cold or hot?No quantity, not listed and not pushed, how to talk about Indian Summer.All along, we have said that this year’s property market, the key to see march Indian Summer.Now the end of March, the traditional peak season of the property market has not seen “eagerly”!See many people in the discussion said: the property market can not?There aren’t that many smooth starts.Some real estate crazy push special room;Some real estate to say that they want to increase prices.The uncertainty has created serious anxiety among buyers in Yangzhou.”The housing market signs clear, to buy a house” “Excellence qingcui can buy?Can pelagic red star day platinum buy?””Originally also want to sell the second-hand house to buy a new house, now can not wait?”People in Yangzhou who want to buy houses this year are anxious again……Recently we said that the Guangling New Town plate, the new house broke 2 rushed 3, discussed the price is worth buying.(Review please stamp: more than 10 housing enterprises enter, housing price sprint 30,000, Yangzhou here has greater ambition!)And today we do not say a single plate, to look at yangzhou recently the whole market situation.According to the new sales data of Yangzhou property market in March, Ocean Red Star Yangzhou Tianbo, Yaju Le Jiangcheng Yajun, Country Garden Lingjiang House ranked the top three in the hot selling list.TOP1 North Ocean Red Star Yangzhou Tianbo, decoration record average price 19,870 yuan /㎡, sold 53 sets;TOP2 Southeast New Town Country Garden lingjiangfu, the average price of the whole record is about 18600 yuan /㎡, 45 sets were sold;TOP3 jiangdu yajule · jiangcheng yajun, record average price of about 13,980 yuan /㎡, sold 44 sets.At first glance, the record price is below 20,000 real estate.It can be foreseen that in the following period of time, a number of prices suitable for the first change dish will usher in a small outbreak, is the mainstream just need to focus on the choice of home buyers.So, in March this year new sales turnover data, compared with last year, and how?From the data of yangzhou commercial housing pre-sales in March 2021, the turnover of new houses in This Year’s Indian Summer is much lower than the same period last year.Given that march was not a “hot month”, can you expect it to be much warmer?Buyers do not need to panic, just need to get on the car according to their own demand, improve slowly pick ~02.Yangzhou a number of real estate prices announced, are you anxious?Stiffening up?Overnight, several properties in Yangzhou announced price increases.As if to discuss, in the form of posters to announce the price increase, discount recovery news: West New Town talent star, according to all discounts will be recovered, starting from April 1;Guangling New City canal Beijing-Hangzhou Bay, from April 1, the preferential recovery;Jinlin Tianxu, Longhu district, northeast district, special offers before March 31 only;Southwest Bright Stars, from 24 o ‘clock on March 31, 2022, the purchase preferential policy will be withdrawn;Disclaimer: The above screenshots from moments of friends, only to illustrate the phenomenon, the actual situation is subject to the sales department.So the question is, is it a real price increase, or is it just a gimmick to attract customers, creating tension and prompting willing and undecided customers to close the deal as quickly as possible?In fact, it is not difficult to find that every once in a while, the real estate market will have a wave of such operations, some people say that “marketing”, some people say that “rush performance”.Whatever the intent, tighter incentives also mean higher costs to some degree for buyers with genuine demand.03 Yangzhou second-hand housing price range how ruthless?Hard to sell at a reduced price?Agent: No business!Compared with the new home market, which is controlled by price, the second-hand home price can better reflect the real market situation.Recently, yangzhou school district housing market is very busy.Has the netizen interpretation: the second-hand housing turnover came up, does not calculate the market to warm up half?I talked with an intermediary friend, who said that he was responsible for the west New City area, the second-hand housing market has no business.The actual situation is: every March and April are school district housing transaction peak, this time to see the school district housing, buy a good house to move a good account, do not delay the second half of the school.Most parents choose to buy at this time.Interestingly, there are two school districts in the house of Yangzhou district in the top 5, the figure of housing: the rise in the first is yucai school district housing, big stage market old town bungalows, second-hand housing listing price of about 44183 yuan /㎡;Located in the fifth is still the school district housing, Chaoyang Yuan district school district is wen River primary school, currently second-hand housing listing price of about 29758 yuan /㎡.These higher residential areas, to a certain extent, can disclose the current second-hand housing buyers in Yangzhou choice.So, the price of the community, whether the buyer is willing to buy it?Intermediary friends also revealed that not only is the school district housing, many houses without studious areas are also selling at a lower price, and the price range is basically more than 50,000.In Yangzhou, some intermediary circle of friends did see a lot of discounted housing, reduced prices of 50,000, 80,000, 100,000, 160,000 and other words, common.Wenchang Garden reduced the price of 80,000, the Chinese outfit production certificate 143 ping, selling price 1.788,000;Yucai headquarters Lotus Pond new village, reduced the price of 100,000, in 172ping, selling price 3.48 million;The capital of Grand Hyatt reduced the price by 160,000 yuan, the production certificate is 87.11 square, the price is 1.488,000 yuan, the unit price is about 17,000 yuan /㎡;77 Yuqi Street, Meiling Headquarters, reduced price 150,000 yuan, the floor area is about 87 square meters, the price is 1.88 million yuan, the unit price is about 21,600 yuan/square meters;The landlord reduced the price by 100,000 yuan, jia Yuan GUI Fu 102.64ping, fine decoration 1.6 million yuan, lower than the market price, the unit price is about 15,600 /㎡.Finally said: if you want to buy a house, do not see the price drop on the rush to start, the best to go to the agency store to ask more.If you have a house selling house transfer question need to consult, you can identify the following TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, chat with our senior real estate personage Hui Juan, we will answer your questions and strive for more concessions.