All firsts!Both worth billions

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The first snow of the Year of the Tiger is coming!Tomorrow, at four fifty-one, it will come too…Just announced!A doctor here confirmed it!The hospital is closed!Lunar New Year films these days are hit two billions stage actor also comes a box office is China’s first box-office billions actress who is China’s first box-office billions 00 after actor Ma Licheng first box-office billions Chinese actress according to Beijing youth daily on February 3, the client, according to the cat’s eye, according to the professional version as of February 3 0,Ma Li became the first actress in Chinese film history to lead a film that earned more than 10 billion yuan at the box office.The movie “The Professional”, starring Ma Li, is currently in theaters and has grossed more than 600 million yuan.In addition, she starred in films Such as “Shy Fist” and “Goodbye Mr. Loser”, which earned $2.213 billion and $1.448 billion respectively.A day earlier, young actor Yi Yangqianxi became the first post-00s actor in China’s film market to earn more than 10 billion yuan at the box office as of midnight On February 2, according to data from Beacon Professional.At present, the movie “Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” and “Miracle · Stupid Kid” starring Yi Yangqixi are in hot release, among which, as of press time, the movie “Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” accumulated box office of more than 1.4 billion, “Miracle · Stupid Kid” accumulated box office of more than 300 million.Yi has earned a total of nearly 9 billion yuan in box office with his three films such as Young You (1.558 billion yuan), Send you a Little Red Flower (1.432 billion yuan) and Jangjin Lake (5.775 billion yuan).This Spring Festival both of them are frequently appear successively be billions box office actor before this year CCTV spring night, two people figure it’s worth noting that today they are in the People’s Daily post talked about his impressions of the Spring Festival gala on two people on the same day in February 3, the People’s Daily articles, the People’s Daily published articles composed by two people to have more meaningful “interesting” and “singing new era a trendFei “.From the skits “Today’s Happiness 2” and “Help or Not help” to the skits “Do what they like”, “Take a seat” and “Go through the motions”, every program that brought laughter to the national audience on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala has become an unforgettable memory for me.This year, shen Teng and I performed a skit focusing on the theme of “honesty”.Since childhood, no matter parents or teachers, we are taught to be honest and trustworthy.Be trustworthy and keep the bottom line.To be a person, we should attach importance to friendship and always be grateful to people and things around us.The process of creating the sketch is intense, with laughter and tears.In fact, the Spring Festival gala sketch creation has always been so.The old friends of the creative team are back in school studying for exams.No matter how many times he appeared on the gala, he prepared with special care, often discussing scripts and polishing rehearsals until late at night.Through this creation, I realized more deeply that only by digging true, interesting and meaningful stories can I bring real joy to the audience.Our creative team has been working hard to find something close to people’s life, hoping to resonate with the audience. While harvesting joy, we can also harvest some spiritual nutrition and feel our sincerity and positive energy.As an actor, every creation will leave some regrets, but whether it is regret or satisfaction, what I can guarantee is to devote myself to the next role, and strive to perform better next time.This is my seventh time to participate in the China Media Group Spring Festival Gala.Every time I stand on this stage, I feel nervous and excited.Each performance is unforgettable, because the Gala is a stage to celebrate reunion and a time to “bid farewell to the old and usher in the new”.At this time of year, it is a great pleasure to get together with you to welcome in the New Year.This year is my first opening performance on the Spring Festival Gala stage.The song I sing is called “Sense of time”, singing about the new era in its prime.The lyrics of the song, “Your sense of The Times and my sense of The Times is the flame of a dream in my heart,” are very suitable for young people who have grown up in the new era.Under the high passion, we are proud of the rapid development of the motherland and look forward to the future.During this performance, I have been in high spirits, hoping to pass on the new style of the new era to more people.I also hope that through this song, the best wishes for the New Year to the TV audience friends, together to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Tiger.Being young means there is room to gain knowledge, to grow, and to have more possibilities.For me, music is not only an art form, but also a channel for conveying ideas, values and emotions.I hope that I can create more music works with the same frequency and resonance with The Times, and enrich the connotation of music works through some innovative means.Use songs to convey positive power, and create more works that are popular among young people, creative and worthy of The Times.Just announced!A doctor here confirmed it!The hospital is closed!Track announced, zhoucun emergency search!And huan Tai a close contact about!Sixty-three new confirmed cases have been reported.A family of four infected!Zhang Wenhong latest study of 93 positive!Emergency time-out!Sources: People’s Daily, the Paper, Beijing Youth Daily, Ziniu News Editor: Bi Jie Proofread: Dong Xiu Editor: Zhang Xinglei Editor: Yimolin Produced: Zibo Daily Rong Media Center