Whip Chunniu, planting wine, spring flowers all things updated to welcome the start of spring

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Farmers plow fields in Guanba Town of Wansheng Economic Zone on Feb. 4, 2018, the start of spring.February 4 marks Start of Spring, the first solar term of the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar.Start of Spring is not only a symbol of the coming of spring, but also a solar term when the New Year begins and all things renew.Yesterday, the city ushered in a rare sunshine, citizens have to go out of the house, in the pleasant warm sun to welcome spring.What are the customs in Chongqing on the day of Start of Spring?”Whipping the Spring Ox” is one of the earliest country customs in spring.It is usually held on the day of Start of Spring.People would paste a cow out of mud in advance and whip it until it was broken.The broken earth is taken away by villagers and thrown into cow sheds, which are said to keep the cows safe and healthy for a year.This custom has spread for a long time, tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen “spring” in the poem “whip cattle outside the county, fighting for soil cover spring silkworm”, said is this scene.Flogging the spring ox not only means to send off the cold winter, but also signals the coming of spring ploughing.Planting wine is the next major custom.As a result of planting seedlings is a race against time farming activities, and because of chongqing mountainous terrain, planting more rely on manpower and consumption, over time, people will form a group cooperation planting mode.Planting season, the village labor force concentrated, a yard or a production team, we first row good planting rounds, a team of people, today your home, his home tomorrow.In Chongqing, there are xiushan lanterns with a unique singing style, linking the skill of lighting lanterns with singing.Besides, dragon and lion dances will also be held at this time.Speaking of spring, of course, there is no flowers, February 3, the reporter came to the Garden expo park for a probe.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter saw in the garden expo park, many citizens and their families go together, enjoy the warm sun leisure time.26 kinds of popular flowers, including Happy gun, purple jade coral, phalaenopsis, dancing orchid, dahlia, iron chopstick and crab claw orchid, are competing with each other for their beauty.In addition to the centralized flower show, the public can also find the footprints of spring everywhere during the tour.More than 500 plants in the garden are quietly blooming.This kind of crabapple tree is graceful, the red flower bud is fresh plump, ornamental value is very high, is one of the main flowers and trees in the park in spring.In the Jiangnan garden exhibition area, wintersweet and red plum have opened, bursts of flowers blow on the face.According to the introduction, the park planted nearly 3,000 wintersweet plants, the current wintersweet has entered the flowering period, will last until the middle of February.It is understood that around the beginning of spring, there are 17 kinds of flowering plants in the city, including 2 kinds of trees, 2 kinds of shrubs, and 13 families of herbs.Among them, seven plants, such as magnolia, Meimei, camellia, poppy, daisies, snapdragon and tulip, are in full bloom.The public can see it in the Garden Expo Park, Nanshan Botanical Garden, Shapingba Hongyan Scenic Area, Hongen Temple Forest Park and other places.