Shaoyang will usher in the first snowfall of the New Year

2022-05-17 0 By

Rednet time on January 25 – (reporter Jia Xing) On January 25, Shaoyang City meteorological Station released the latest meteorological special report, the city will usher in the New Year’s first snowfall from 25 to 31.According to the comprehensive analysis of the latest meteorological data, there was a period of low temperature rainy weather (snow) in Shaoyang city from 25th to 29th, which was affected by the southwest airflow in front of the upper south branch trough, the shear line in the middle and lower layers and the cold air on the ground.From the night of 29th to the day of 31st, the precipitation in Shaoyang was affected by the northerly air flow behind the trough.On the night of 31st, there was a new round of freezing weather process of low temperature rain and snow.The specific forecast is as follows: 25th: cloudy with light rain, temperature 2 ~ 4℃;26th: cloudy day with light rain, temperature 3 ~ 5℃;27th: cloudy day with light rain, freezing development in alpine mountains, temperature 2 ~ 4℃;28th: light rain to moderate rain or sleet, freezing continues to develop in alpine mountains, air temperature 0~3℃;29th: sleet or moderate snow to cloudy day, snow or freezing, temperature -3~0℃;30th: cloudy between cloudy, local snow or freezing, temperature -3~3℃;31st: cloudy day to sleet or light snow, temperature -3~3℃.Shaoyang city meteorological station reminded the public, 25 to 27 days of continuous low temperature cloudy weather, rain will lead to slippery roads, low visibility, need to do a good job of traffic safety work.In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of low temperature rain, snow and freezing process from 28th to 29th and a new round of low temperature rain, snow and freezing process from the night of 31st.