Prosecutors through their own supplementary investigation from a large drug case dug out three clues

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“Faced with many difficulties in the second trial, such as the lack of evidence, we dug up three supervisory clues, and were sentenced in all cases,” li Lei (front) and Chen Hejian (back), assistant public prosecutor, said.On January 18, when they learned that their handling of wang mou and other eight people trafficking, transportation of drugs was named as 2021 typical cases of zhejiang procuratorial organs, as a prosecutor in charge of the case of the procuratorial Department of the second procuratorial Li Lei admitted that it was not easy, but she smiled calmly, turned around and put into the New Year’s “battle”.”I clearly remember that in April 2020, the appeal case for drug trafficking and transportation came to me.”LiLei said the suspect have 8 people, along with the continuously go deep into review, a case of gradually clear, although the case is very complex, but in the end, through their own supplementary investigation, further consolidate wang mou et drug trafficking case evidence system, make a second trial not only maintain the original judgment, but also to prosecute the crime LouFan leakage, and transferred in accordance with the duty crime clues, ensures that the second trial of procuratorial functionsSurface.$460, 000 without drugs?Wang is xianju, Zhejiang, has been jobless.He has been convicted of drug trafficking several times since 2002.From April 2018 to October, Wang alone or with others to Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hubei and other places, to Wu and Guo and others (another case) to buy more than 3000 grams of methamphetamine, respectively sold to Yang, Xu and others, which sold 99 grams of methamphetamine to Yang, sold 283 grams of methamphetamine to Xu.Meanwhile, Yang and others will be from Wang bought meth for trafficking.On June 5, 2019, the Taizhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate prosecuted Wang and other 8 people on charges of trafficking and transporting drugs.On March 31, 2020, Taizhou Intermediate Court for trafficking, transportation of drugs and other crimes of wang several crimes, sentenced wang to death, immediate execution;Wu and other seven defendants were sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve to 12 years in prison.Wang and others refused to accept the first instance of judgment, appeal.After the Zhejiang Procuratorate received the case, li Lei, the prosecutor in charge of the case, led the assistant prosecutor to carry out the interrogation in accordance with the procedures.Meanwhile, Wang mou and Wu Mou all defend the fact that a 460,000 yuan holds wrong.Is it wrong?The procurator review found that some evidence is relatively thin, coupled with Wang’s recantation, and two people’s defense has a certain confirmation of the situation, she decided to supplement the investigation, rushed to taizhou public Security Bureau without a break to take the call recording.Handling the case after repeatedly listening to the voice recording, confirmed that Wang, Wu reached a drug deal, Wang made money and will address to Wu, Wu is sent by Courier drugs to Wang, Wang according to wu sent the Courier number check.”The supplementary investigation made up for the lack of evidence to confirm the details of the transaction and drug circulation.”LiLei said.At this point, handling the case prosecutors confirmed that the amount of drug trafficking should be divided by 460,000 yuan of drug money on the high unit price of 300 yuan per gram, converted to more than 1500 grams of methamphetamine.The facts are clear, the evidence is indeed, sufficient, wang mou transferred drug money did not buy drugs cannot be established.At the same time, the prosecutor found that Wang was administrated for 3 times during the period of temporary execution outside prison, and continued drug trafficking was not put in prison. The relevant law enforcement personnel may be dereliction of duty, so the relevant clues will be handed over to the Fifth Procuratorial Department of the Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province to follow up.Xianju County bureau of Justice a judicial director, a community correction law enforcement squadron captain Jiang took the initiative to surrender.Since then, Jiang mou for committing the crime of dereliction of duty by the court to make a guilty verdict.Frequent drug dealers with accomplices?Biting a “hard bone”, handling the case prosecutors in the heart more determined, and then accelerated the pace of the review.Many of the “Chen mou” mentioned in the case file caused the attention of the prosecutor, all kinds of signs show that this person is a lot of doubt, can it be missed?Prosecutors review found that Yang has repeatedly said Chen is an accomplice, after the first instance of sentencing, Yang did not to him and Chen wang bought drugs for distribution and other reasons to appeal.And Wang has also confessed, under the introduction of others, there are two Wenling people for the first time to xianju to buy methamphetamine, and identify a person is Yang, another person is Chen, after Yang mou contacted him, Yang mou said he is with Chen mou.Wang said Yang transferred 59,000 yuan to him through Alipay between June and July 2018, all of which were money from him to buy methamphetamine.Facing the interrogation of procurator handling a case, Yang mou’s view is the same as Wang Mou.In order to further fix the evidence, prosecutors also through a big data search, found that Yang and Chen are very close, and Chen was sentenced to a year in prison for drug trafficking in October 2018.”In this case, it is likely that Chen was omitted to identify the accomplice.”Therefore, the prosecutor immediately sent a letter to linhai City procuratorate, requiring Chen to put on file supervision, after linhai city public Security Bureau will Chen arrested to the case and investigation.In June 2021, Chen was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of ten years and three months and fined 30,000 yuan by the Court of Linhai city for drug trafficking in the first instance.Chen appealed, in August the same year, taizhou City intermediate court of the second instance to uphold the original judgment.283 grams of drugs not registered?As examine ceaselessly thorough, handle a case procurator discovered clue again: to Wang mou buy poison 283 grams xu mou did not move indictment.The case file shows that Wang mou and Xu mou all confessed that two people had a drug deal.The prosecutor of the first instance thinks xu mou drug trafficking lacks evidence to confirm, did not charge, but the prosecutor of the second instance thinks, after the supplementary investigation, the existing evidence on record can identify Xu Mou from Wang mou bought methamphetamine is used for trafficking.Evidence shows that Xu continued to buy 283 grams of methamphetamine from Wang from April 15, 2018 to July 7, the frequency of drug purchase is extremely high, does not conform to its drug purchase for self-absorption.Moreover, in November 2018, Xu was sentenced to two years in prison for drug trafficking. He confessed to selling 0.7 grams of methamphetamine to Ding, which he bought from Wang.In addition, Xu’s last home Wang mou, girlfriend tube and tube some of the next family, all testify xu mou department drug trafficking personnel.Accordingly, the procurator in charge of the case sent a letter to the public security organ.April 15, 2021, Linhai City Procuratorate to Xu suspected of drug trafficking crime prosecution, xu was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 15 years by the court for drug trafficking crime, and confiscation of personal property 50,000 yuan.So far, the 3 case clew that supervise discovery all already became a case falls to judge.The Zhejiang Provincial High Court rejected wang’s appeal and upheld the original verdict.At present, Wang mou’s death sentence is still in review.”The review to enhance the consciousness of the investigation of the second instance, will review, investigation and research thinking and method into the case, especially be good at to conduct supplementary investigation on its own, develop ideas, relying on the digitization, the digital method of thinking, of those involved in the background, interpersonal relationships, overall check may be associated with crime, mining related crime clues, firmly establish a comprehensive supervision idea.”Li Lei has experience ground to say deeply.