Better than the Tesla Model 3!Nio ET7 mass production line: delivery next week

2022-05-17 0 By

Nextev officially announced on March 24 that the first batch of ET7 production vehicles rolled off the production line at NexteV manufacturing base in Hefei Jianghuai, and deliveries of the vehicles will begin on March 28.ET7 has three versions: the first version of the long battery pack is 100kWh, CLTC range of 675km, the vehicle price of 513,400 yuan;Long life battery pack is 100kWh, CLTC range is 675km, the vehicle price is 493,400 yuan;Standard battery pack is 75kWh, CLTC range 530 km, the vehicle 436,600 yuan.For users who pay attention to cost performance, the standard battery version is undoubtedly a better choice.In most cases, the majority of users are mainly urban commuting, peripheral travel use.For long-distance trips, NiO’s charging stations and changing stations are well established in most major cities.Nextev can also share supercharging stations with Xiaopeng. With the supplement of state Grid charging stations, charging and changing of Nextev cars is not a big problem.The interior design of NIO ET7 is superior. While ensuring simplicity, the steering wheel and door panel adopt color design in many places, which makes the overall design feel better.The roof is fitted with a lidar and is designed to be hidden to ensure functionality without making the lidar too conspicuous.As a high-end model of NIO, NIO ET7 will impact BBA’s voice once it comes out.In the past, domestic cars because of engine, gearbox disadvantages, it is difficult to do a high-end model.In the era of trolley cars, domestic cars no longer have disadvantages, but also have advantages in the aspect of locomotive and engine software, which has a large advantage compared with a series of BBA trolleys.The price of Tesla Model 3 is 300,000 to 400,000 yuan, while the price of Model S is close to one million yuan because it is imported. There is a big price gap in the middle.New force brand respect, xiaopeng P9 sedan has no news.There is no very competitive luxury tram in the price range of 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, and NIO ET7 will quickly occupy this market.The Shanghai factory is constantly expanding capacity, and 2 more plants may be added in the future. Model S is likely to be produced in China. At that time, the price of Model S will drop significantly, and then NIO ET7 will face a real challenge.