Zhongxingwei Lion 1986 new model launched, the appearance is very ambitious, both gasoline and diesel, 148,800 units

2022-05-16 0 By

Two new models of ZTE’s 1986 Pickup truck have been launched recently. The new models are the 1986 Passenger industry version and the 1986 hunting industry version, priced at 148,800 yuan and 153,800 yuan respectively.Among them, the 1986 Passenger industry version is equipped with a 2.4T gasoline engine, and the 1986 Hunting industry version is equipped with a 2.0t diesel engine.There are no obvious changes in the exterior interior design of the new model.The front face of the new car is the design style of the American big pickup truck, the whole is very thick and dominear.Huge trapezoidal meshes were used, with black grilles inside.The shape of the headlamp is angular, and the interior is the light source structure of double lens. The lower part of the headlamp also has the decorative shape of air inlet, which looks very sportive and individual.The front bar with two red tow hooks, not only looks very rough, but also more practical configuration.The side is also relatively strong and thick modeling style, the front and rear wing sub-boards are decorated with crease type tendons, the door lower stereo carved lines have a sense of power.The new car offers chrome-plated pedals for loading and unloading, as well as a rear carriage gantry.The rear part of the car, taillight uses a very striking color shade style, internal light source structure has a good sense of delicacy.The rear bar is very broad, and both sides are painted with the same color as the body, increasing the overall sense.As for the interior, the new car provides a four-frame multi-functional steering wheel, and the large screen of the central control is designed as semi-suspension. Gold decoration is used around the air outlet of the air conditioner to increase the sense of delicacy.For a midsize pickup, the 1986 Vespa has practical rear space, with wide cushions and an angled back.In terms of power, the 2.4-ton gasoline engine has a maximum power of 155kw and a maximum torque of 320 n · m, while the 2.0-ton diesel engine has a maximum power of 122kw and a maximum torque of 410 n · m. Both are matched by six-speed manual transmissions.