Tongshan: launch publication market and network supervision work special inspection action

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, the county “anti-pornography and illegal” office organized county party committee network information office, county public Security Bureau, culture and tourism, city supervision, transportation and other member units, carry out the county publication market and network supervision work special inspection action.To purify the cultural market environment, and to the county-wide people build positive, healthy, happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, county “against pornography and illegal publications” working group to start early, early deployment, as a whole the online and offline two battlefield, with publications for and second-hand trading market, the network platform, express logistics, campuses, early night market and the market as the key point,Comprehensive inspections will be carried out in the form of open inspections, secret visits and surprise spot checks.During the inspection process, the inspection team carefully checked whether the relevant licenses and licenses of the business owners were complete, whether there was printing, copying illegal publications, selling illegal books, and whether there was any business beyond the scope of content.At the same time, all business owners are required to do a good job of business, safety, consciously resist illegal publications, not beyond the scope of business.The special inspection action, the villages and towns to the village (community) as the center, give full play to the “anti-pornography and illegal” grass-roots site role, the special inspection action will be advanced to every part of the county.The campaign will continue throughout the Spring Festival and more than 1,200 inspectors have been dispatched so far.(Media reporter Xu Han)