Thailand two consecutive days positive break ten thousand!Prime Minister Prayuth chan-ocha called for vaccination of sinovac vaccine

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On February 6, 2022, the Ministry of Health of Thailand reported 10,879 new positive cases and 20 deaths within 24 hours, including 10,701 local cases and 178 imported cases.Cases prayuth’s prime minister called for, the growth speed faster, in order to resist the virus enters the body harm, wants people hurriedly vaccinated, especially China’s firm sinovac and its vaccine, the two vaccine vaccination in Thailand to point most widely deployed, and high applicability, not only can prevent severe, also has won the Thai food and drug administration for approval,Can be used to vaccinate children aged 5-11 years.Only 41, 000 (0.8 percent) of Thailand’s 5 million children aged 5 to 11 received their first dose of the vaccine as of Saturday, the health Ministry said.Prayuth urged local health authorities to expand the scope of vaccination as soon as possible, improve vaccine coverage, and said that people don’t have to worry about the Chinese firm sinovac and the characters of stock, because the government departments in China and always import docking, guarantee the vaccine is abundant, there will be no shortage of situation, as long as people go to vaccination, can directly make an appointment.The director general of the Department of Disease Control and Prevention of The Thai Ministry of Health, Opa, said at a press conference today that the authorities have set a “safety line” for the COVID-19 situation, that is, as long as the daily confirmed cases are less than 30,000, the index representing the replication of the mutation of the COVID-19 is not serious, and the situation in the whole country is not serious, but still controllable.The number of infections in Thailand is expected to drop to 200 a day between June and August.In addition, health authorities in various parts of Thailand have reported serious concerns about lax quarantine practices by foreign tourists entering the country.Below, a Greek family went to the police in Phuket without a mask after being robbed of €4,900.On the border, Thailand’s Bashu province recently reported the arrest of 16 migrants from Myanmar. Authorities said they did not know how many had crossed into Thailand or whether the groups were carrying the virus.On the other hand, Thailand is also suffering from a series of failures in the prevention of public health. The main problems are illegal reception at bars and crowds at illegal private casinos.Below, Thai police arrested 42 gamblers (12 men, 30 women) in Patuan Thani province, while 43 gamblers (17 men and 26 women, including 3 women who were smugglers) were arrested in Northern Lam Province.Police also seized 49,300 baht in cash and a large amount of gambling equipment at the scene.Next, the police will punish the gamblers and deport the smugglers.In addition, school clusters in Thailand continue to be infected, the most serious is Khorratchasima province, there have been seven clusters of infection in the local campus, the number of confirmed cases is still being counted.Across Thailand, health authorities are now on the defensive rather than cutting off the source of would like to remind compatriots in Thailand to do a good job in epidemic prevention, timely use ATK reagent to confirm safety, and seek medical treatment in case of infection.Thailand’s opening-up policy has not changed at present, and the visa policy is still being tightened.Compatriots who decide to go to Thailand at this time need to plan their trip to avoid overstaying their visas.In addition, received several reports from tourists that the Application system of Thailand Pass was faulty. After submitting information for several times, system errors were displayed and the application status could not be hereby appeals to the Thai Embassy in China to step in and provide assistance to tourists who encounter application difficulties.