Taiyuan builds “3223 Travel traffic Circle”

2022-05-16 0 By

Report from our newspaper on February 19 news, the municipal government office released “Taiyuan city” 14th five-year comprehensive transportation system planning “shows that by 2025, our city will form” 3223 travel traffic circle “, Taiyuan people travel will be more convenient and fast.”3223 travel and transportation Circle” means it takes 3 hours from Taiyuan to major cities in China, 2 hours from Taiyuan to districts and cities within the province, 2 hours from urban areas to counties, and 30 minutes from urban areas.In terms of travel within the province, relying on the development of urban agglomeration in central Shanxi, a new intercity passenger transport service system centered on Taiyuan will be built to realize the integration of intercity passenger transport and improve the travel efficiency between Taiyuan and other cities in the urban agglomeration.Taking Taiyuan and Jinzhong as examples, “Planning” proposed to promote the integrated development of taiyuan Jinzhong transportation.We will speed up the linking of roads between the two cities, focus on solving the problems of “dead-end roads” and “bottleneck roads”, and improve the smoothness of traffic.Priority will be given to road connection projects such as the Taiyuan connection Line project of Qingzhou-Yinzhou-Guangzhou Expressway and the relocation of the transit section of National Highway 108 in Taiyuan, as well as urban road connection projects such as the eastern extension project of The South Central District and the eastern extension of Longcheng Avenue, so as to improve the traffic efficiency of Taiyu Road, alleviate traffic congestion of Taiyu Road and jointly form an intercity comprehensive rapid transport corridor.At the same time, promote the integration of public transportation, adjust and optimize the public bus network, station and bus transfer hub in Taiyuan Jinzhong area, improve the microcirculation bus network, expand the coverage of “urban bus”, and form an efficient and convenient transportation service system.Jointly promote the construction of rail transit in the two cities, and promote the extension of Taiyuan rail transit Line 1 and Line 3 to Jinzhong.In terms of urban travel, The city will continue to promote the construction of a public transport city, and accelerate the construction of a “four-in-one” urban public transport system with rail transit as the skeleton, conventional bus as the basis, taxi as the supplement, and slow traffic as the extension.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, a number of key ground bus construction projects will be implemented, including: gradually promote the intelligent transformation of 422 bus stations in the central city;According to the progress of rail transit and bus station construction, timely adjust bus routes, etc.The city will comprehensively optimize the layout of the public bus network, and build a multi-level surface bus network with coordination of main lines, general lines and microcirculation.In terms of public bicycle construction, the third phase of the public bicycle transportation system will be promoted, with 1,000 new piled stations, 1,285 existing piled public bicycle stations, and 30,000 bicycles newly purchased.At the same time, public bicycle piles, non-motor vehicle parking Spaces, bus stops, temporary parking Spaces and other transportation connection facilities will be arranged along the rail transit, so as to achieve seamless transfer between ground transit and rail transit and build a multi-level integrated public transportation system.(He Baoguo) (Editor: Li Lin)