Strong!Liuzhou added 12 national football schools and kindergartens

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a document to announce the list of schools and kindergartens featuring football for young people in 2021.Liuzhou city as the national youth campus football reform pilot zone, this time there are 8 primary and secondary schools and 4 kindergartens successfully selected.At present, the city has established 80 national football schools and 26 kindergartens.It is understood that the Ministry of Education officially launched the campus football work at the end of 2014, focusing on the construction of “characteristic schools + high-level football teams + pilot counties (districts) + reform pilot zones + ‘All Stars’ training camps” promotion and promotion pattern.In 2021, the Ministry of Education will identify and name 2,038 schools with special features for youth campus football, 40 pilot counties (districts), 28 “All Stars” training camps for youth campus football, 5 pilot areas for youth campus football reform and 2,030 kindergartens with special features for football.The 8 national youth campus football schools identified and named in Liuzhou are Tie ‘er Middle School, No. 41 Middle School, Hedong Primary School, Heping Road No. 2 Primary School, Xinxing Primary School in Liujiang District, Keelung Development Zone Primary School, No. 5 Primary School in Luzhai County and No. 1 Primary School in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County.The four state-level soccer kindergartens are Lebelle China Kindergarten in central City, Oriental Star Kindergarten in Liunan District, Evergrande Yujingwan Millennium Star Kindergarten in Yanghe Industrial New District, and The First Kindergarten in Liudong New District.In recent years, “football starts from the children” has become a consensus, the society has a deep understanding of the importance of developing campus football.The education system of Liuzhou closely follows the fundamental task of “cultivating people through virtue”, firmly sets up the education concept of “health first”, and integrates all resources to further promote campus football work.Every year since 2015, schools in the city have been selected to the national list of schools featured in campus soccer for youth.In 2017, the central district of the city was identified as “National Youth Campus football Characteristic Pilot County (District)”;In 2019, the Education Bureau of Central Urban District was approved to establish the national youth campus football “All Stars” training camp;In May 2021, Liuzhou city was identified as the national youth campus football reform pilot zone…In the future, the city will bring together the wisdom and strength of all parties to boost campus football to go higher and farther by increasing investment in infrastructure and establishing a comprehensive security system.