Notice on further standardizing the work ability appraisal of workers disabled by illness or non-work

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Xi of human resources and social security bureau of xi ‘an health committee xi ‘an medical insurance bureau jointly issued on further specification due to illness or because Labour causes damage, the worker labor ability appraisal work of notification shall apply for clear identification of the following staff due to illness, before reaching legal and emeritus age due to illness or because Labour causes damage, need to deal with retire ahead of schedule, because of illness shall be conducted appraisal:❖ Employees of employers who participate in the basic endowment insurance for employees in the administrative district of Xi ‘an city;❖ Employees who participate in the basic pension insurance of xi ‘an government and public institutions;❖ Employees of central units in Shaanxi, provincial organs and public institutions in the administrative region of Xi ‘an city, and employees of former coordinating enterprises who participate in the basic pension insurance for enterprise employees at the provincial level.Strict implementation of the Standards for The Appraisal of Sickness When the departments of human resources and social security of each district and county, Xi Xian New Area and development zone handle the complete loss of working capacity due to illness or non-work-related disability before reaching the statutory retirement age, they shall take the appraisal conclusion of complete loss of working capacity due to illness or non-work-related disability issued by the Municipal Labor capacity Appraisal Committee as the basis.City labor ability appraisal committee ought to basis “worker is not disabled because of work or because of illness lose labor ability degree appraisal standard (try out)” (Lao social ministry hair [2002] 8) undertake because of illness appraisal.Further standardize appraisal ❖ application in worker due to illness due to illness or because Labour causes damage, the influence of labor ability system treatment, can apply for appraisal due to illness, to the unit of choose and employ persons and submit sealed by the hospital with the seal of hospital medical record copy, as well as diagnosis, outpatient medical records, inspection reports etc system treatment of medical record copy.After unit of choose and employ persons receives data of worker medical record, the basic information that should deal with a worker, physical condition, medical history data, ginseng protect the circumstance such as pay cost to undertake verification, when necessary can enter door investigation understands illness or publicity inside the unit.After verifying, to city labor ability appraisal committee application because of illness appraisal.Application materials are as follows: 1. Identification Form for Degree of Disability caused by Illness or Non-Work-related Injury of Employees in Xi ‘an City; 2.2. Copies of valid identification documents such as resident id card or social security card;3. Inpatient medical records affixed with the special seal of the treated hospital for photocopying, as well as copies of medical records of systematic treatment, such as diagnosis certificates, outpatient medical records and examination and inspection reports.❖ Acceptance the municipal Labor ability Appraisal Committee shall review the employer’s application materials in a timely manner.If the materials are complete and meet the required requirements, they shall be accepted;For incomplete materials, one-time notification of the materials to be corrected.If the employing unit provides complete materials, the Municipal Labor capacity Appraisal Committee shall organize the appraisal in time and make an appraisal conclusion within 60 days from the date of receiving the application for the appraisal.If the case is complicated and involves more medical and health professions, the time limit for making an appraisal conclusion may be extended by 30 days.The municipal Labor ability Appraisal Committee shall randomly select three experts from the medical and health expert database based on the degree of illness to form an expert group to conduct appraisal.The municipal labor capacity appraisal committee shall inform the staff and workers in advance of the time and place for appraisal and the materials they shall carry.The worker ought to attend spot appraisal according to the time and place of notice.The staff who organize the appraisal of labor capacity shall verify the identity of the staff and workers.The municipal labor ability appraisal committee may entrust a grade III, Grade A hospital designated by the municipal health department to examine and diagnose the illness of the staff and workers as required by the appraisal work.Expert group basis worker illness, union medical treatment diagnoses a case, basis appraisal standard puts forward appraisal opinion.All the experts participating in the appraisal shall sign their opinions and signatures.Municipal labor capacity appraisal committee makes labor capacity appraisal conclusion according to expert group appraisal opinion.The municipal Labor ability Appraisal Committee shall, within 20 days from the date of making the appraisal conclusion, deliver the appraisal conclusion to the employees and the employer.The processing that produces change to illness since appraisal conclusion makes the day after 1 year rises, the worker thinks illness produces change, can apply for appraisal to committee of appraisal of ability of city labor again by unit of choose and employ persons.The employer should attach great importance to this work, clarify the specific responsible departments and personnel, carefully examine the application materials, strictly check the pass, medical records shall not be declared without verification.Sweet clew because disease appraisal does not collect fees the examination charge that medical establishment collects is assumed by the worker