Mo Hua gave instructions on the propaganda and ideological work of Yulin

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On February 18, the city’s propaganda ministers meeting was held.Meeting in-depth implementation of jinping visited guangxi general secretary “4 · 27” important speech spirit and a series of important instructions to guangxi work requirements, study and implement the national, regional, propaganda minister conference spirit, the implementation of the autonomous region of the 12th party congress, the city of the sixth congress of policy decisions, summarizes work last year, analysis the current situation, the deployment of 2022 jobs.Municipal Party secretary Mo Hua made instructions on the city’s propaganda and ideological work, autonomous Region party propaganda deputy minister, network information Office director Jin Hualun at the meeting for “practical maintenance of network ideological security” special lecture, municipal party standing committee, propaganda minister Li Yongqi attended and spoke.Mo hua stressed that in 2021, the propaganda ideological and cultural front of the city will earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the central Committee, autonomous region and the Municipal Party Committee.In the whole city to carry out party history study and education, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, study and implement the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region and the sixth party congress of our city and other key work made a positive contribution, for yulin economic and social development to provide a strong ideological guarantee and strong spiritual strength.This year our party will be held two big, the city’s propaganda thought cultural front to thoroughly study and apply xi jinping, general secretary of the importance of propaganda and ideological work, this paper closely around the publicity and implement the party’s 20 big this masterstroke, singing the main melody, further expand the positive energy, stories about good yulin, yulin voice, keep on ideological main land,Best theory of armed, news propaganda, literature and art propaganda, social publicity, building spiritual civilization and so on each work, to assume for flags, morale and people, culture, studies show that image mission, gather up the construction of “four districts a beauty” two bay first experimental zone of the mighty power, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.The meeting stressed that in 2022 the city’s propaganda and ideological work should be highlighted for publicity and implement the party’s two big main line, this outstanding publicity and implement new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, highlight the ideology security that line, to grasp the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, steady, ordered the important principle in focus go deep heart walk,More effectively promote the study, publicity and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era;Focusing on the omni-directional three-dimensional, warmly meet the propaganda and implementation of the party’s 20;Focus on establishing a new image of Yulin, accelerate and expand the publicity outside the city;Focus on cultivating new people of The Times, and vigorously cultivate and practice core socialist values;Focus on the bottom line, the implementation of the ideological work responsibility;Focusing on benefiting the people and promoting the high-quality development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries;Focus on strengthening weak board strong and weak items, strengthen grass-roots propaganda ideological work, strive to create a new situation of the city’s propaganda ideological work.At the meeting, Bobai county party committee propaganda department, city public security Bureau, Yulin Daily, yulin Tax Bureau, yulin power supply bureau and other five units for exchange.The conference will study and deploy ideology and network information work.Concludes | yulin daily all media reporter liang hua coordinating editor | Li Jiazhou proofing | | tuo YunPing audit yan-zhen wang producer product | | Chen li yulin daily all media fostered fostered yulin daily new media matrix