Emergency search!Guangxi Fuchuan found a contact track details announced

2022-05-16 0 By

At 23:00 on February 3, 2022, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi Received the Letter on Assisting in the Management of Close Contacts of COVID-19 cases from Longgang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Shenzhen, forwarded by Hezhou CDC, and immediately carried out investigation and disposal.After investigation, found that the county has 1 close contact, 18 close contact.Close and sub-close contacts have been placed under centralized quarantine or home quarantine.Now the activity track of close contacts from January 28 to 30 is published as follows:On January 28, from 14:24 to 17:29, take car 10 of G2906 from Shenzhen north to Guilin North, get off at Hezhou Station, take bus of Fuchuan-Babu special passenger Line at 16:50 and return to Fuyang at 19:20. The license plate number is GUI JMC815(get on the bus at The Construction Bank of Huilong Commercial Plaza), and return to Shayitang Village, Fuli Town.He didn’t go out.At about 12:00 on January 29, 5 people in a group of private cars went to fuyang Trade Road Farmers’ Market to buy vegetables at 12:35-12:49, the pig, cow and sheep area of farmers’ Market, Shengfei Condiment (the name in my impression) 13:00-13:49, Baisheng Shopping Plaza.14:37 Minzu Luwanhe Rice noodles 16:04 Mother Station opposite welfare and Health Center (driving an electric car)16:08 — 16:30 Welfare Rural Credit Cooperative ATM 13:05 January 30 Welfare passenger bus,13:16 Minzu Road Wanhe Rice noodles 14:00-14:12 Fuchuan Rural Credit Cooperative (above the Food Bureau) business hall,14:20-14:50 Fuchuan Farmers’ Market bought beef from Zhang Xiumei 14:58 Fenghuang Road Meiyijia (large screen)15:02 Yueqi e-cigarette stay for one minute 15:23 Welfare bus get on 15:40Those who may have had contact with or crossed paths with the close contact at the above time and place should report to the township, street, village committee, community and unit immediately and cooperate with relevant prevention and control work.(Mi-Liu Chang, Reporter of CCTV)