University of London confirms tsai Ing-wen’s degree

2022-05-15 0 By

China Taiwan network On February 5 – according to Taiwan “China News network” reported that Tsai Ing-wen “paper gate” controversy continues to burn, and a statement on the University of London website, triggered a hot discussion.”The current leader of Taiwan, Dr Tsai Ing-wen, received his PhD degree in February 1984 after two examiners confirmed the submission and examination of his thesis,” the statement said. “Although it is not clear how the library kept the copy of his thesis, this has nothing to do with Tsai’s degree, which has been awarded correctly.”In this regard, the island netizens said bluntly that “it takes so many years to prove a degree”, which was recognized by a large number of netizens.The statement, posted on ucL’s website, added: “The university categorically denies any false allegations made to any of its staff in search of copies of the paper, and all enquiries made by UCL staff in relation to the paper have been handled in good faith.”This news set off a discussion on the Internet, and netizens flooded into China News Network, TVBS News and other relevant links and left comments: “It’s funny that you don’t know such a small thing as a paper?””Taiwan has long been the site of great power game, this outcome is not unexpected!””Gaddafi’s son also had it, but it was considered a joke internationally.” “It reminds me of gaddafi’s son’s thesis scandal.” “It remains to be seen who the university of London has a problem with journalists from Taiwan.”It is worth noting that some netizens responded that “it takes so many years to prove a degree”, which received a large number of netizens’ likes. Some thought that this sentence broke through the blind spot, while others praised it as “god’s reply”.(Cao Shuaibing,