The track of 1 positive infected person in Jiangnan District of Nanning city was announced, and those who overlap please report immediately!

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On February 6, a COVID-19 positive patient was found in the detection of returnees from other cities in Jiangnan District of Nanning. After epidemiological investigation, the activity track of the positive case, Surnamed Huang, since January 30, is published as follows:At 17:00 on January 30, I drove my private car to Longyi Village, Fuji Village, Duan Town, Debao County with my father.The rest of the time at home February 3-4 February 3 12:00 drive to Gumei Village pohong Town Tianyang County 3 and 4 have dinner with friends twice February 5 10:30 drive from Pohong Service area back to Nanning,During the tianyang service area to go to the bathroom 13:42 from the sandwell toll station off the highway 13:50 back to the entrance of the fourth geological team sandwell base area 14:05 — 15:05 to Nanning Cuihu Hospital nucleic acid test 15:07 — 15:16 eat powder in the capital of powder (047 Cuihu store) 15:16 drive back to the fourth geological team sandwell baseNear the community, rest in the car 16:45 back to the fourth geological team sandwell base community home, has not gone out at 4:00 a.m. on February 6 after diagnosis into the hospital treatment Jiangnan district epidemic prevention and control headquarters to remind the general public, such as at the same time, place there is a common track of activities, there is the intersection of time and space,Immediately report to the local community (village) neighborhood committee and work unit, and actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic control measures.Those who conceal the facts will be held accountable according to law.The general public is requested to abide by laws and regulations consciously, do not panic, do not create rumors, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, epidemic prevention and control information is subject to the release of Nanning and Jiangnan District epidemic prevention and control headquarters.Take the initiative to support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, check the temperature and health code in public places, consciously develop the good habit of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keeping good ventilation, avoiding crowds and gatherings, and maintaining a social distance of one meter. Take active vaccination against COVID-19 to improve the immunity capacity of novel coronavirus.Jiangnan District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters for consultation: 0771-4807916 Jiangnan District CDC for consultation: 0771-4823625 Fujian Garden Street Office for consultation: 0771-4829829 Jiangnan Street Office for consultation: 0771-4837819 Shajing Street Office for consultation:Source: Jiangnan Rong Media Center, Nanning Municipal Health Commission, Contemporary Guangxi