Guangxi a woman because of emotional problems, not happy, early morning in the lake to commit suicide

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A woman in Nanning, Guangxi province, had suicidal thoughts due to emotional problems on March 28.At dawn, the woman reached the lake in despair. She wept and wept more and more bitterly until she decided to commit suicide.At the critical moment, the police rushed in and grabbed the girl, saving her life.It doesn’t make sense to want to kill yourself when you have a relationship problem.Although no one wants his love to go wrong, but sometimes, life is like this.Many people want a love, a love that doesn’t go out of style.Perhaps, this is life, there is not too much perfection, but the incomplete life, but can let a person feel more joys and sorrows.However, no matter whether there is a problem in the relationship, you should not risk your own life.When a person grows up, you will find that he is not the only one who worries you, but there are more people.Without life, there is nothing left. Life is all that matters.The girl, from Nanning, Guangxi Province, lost herself because of emotional problems.At three o ‘clock in the morning, the streets are empty, the lights of thousands of homes are asleep, the breeze blowing, but can not dispel the girl’s sadness.The girl is too young to let go of this feeling easily.For many girls, a love is an indelible memory, to lose this affection, is to lose their lives.There is a poem that says, “Life is precious, love is more precious.”Life and love, everyone has their own views, who is more important, who is more important, it is difficult to say.Apparently, the teen made the same decision, but in the eyes of most people, it wasn’t a wise one.The little girl walked across the bridge alone. There was no one there.Crying is the best way to let off steam, girls cry, is not a bad thing.However, after crying her eyes out, she decided to jump into the lake. Although it seemed simple, it was a very bad thing for her and her family.Fortunately, the girl was about to climb over the fence and jump into the lake when the police arrived. At the last moment, the police rushed to scoop the girl up in their arms and saved her life.