Building a compound for the village welfare, after 90 simba life has become our ideal

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Speaking of simba, we should not feel strange.With more than 90 million followers on short video platforms, Simba is truly the “platform leader” and “e-commerce leader” of short video platforms.In addition, in terms of personal performance with goods, Simba in the short video platform is also in a unique state.And all of this, we’re talking about, is simba’s personal glory and his halo.But it is said that in order to wear the crown and bear the weight of it, behind simba’s bright exterior, there are days and nights of work and countless hours of toil.Thankfully, simba is getting a rare break as employees take the day off.What’s more, Simba, who has settled down in Guangdong, is once again back in his hometown in northeast China.Fans familiar with Simba should know that his hometown is Heilongjiang province in northeast China. In recent years, simba has almost become a habit of going back to his hometown in northeast China every Spring Festival.This time, Simba returns to his hometown in northeast China to once again show us his “Xin family compound”.Heilongjiang local friends should know that the so-called “Xin Jia Courtyard” is actually 818 Hua Shan Reservoir.And the reason why users called it “xin courtyard”, mostly refers to the jin business of the man of the moment Qiao Zhiyong built “Qiao courtyard”, so there is “Xin courtyard” said.But to be honest, after a successful career in the home to buy land to build “luxury”, is indeed a lot of people’s childhood dream, but also the most true portrayal of modern people returning home in prosperity.Back in his hometown in northeast China, besides celebrating the Spring Festival at 818 Hua Shan Reservoir, Simba has another important task, which is to distribute welfare to the villagers.In recent years, Simba will return to his hometown every year to give villagers welfare, purchase New Year goods.In addition, Simba will also give the elderly a certain amount of cash, so that people have a good New Year.For a move like simba’s.The village people all of a sudden to its reward with gratitude, at the same time also its thumb.After many vicissitudes of life, Simba’s face is full of stories, of course, on his face, he should not have some maturity.But there is no denying that Simba is really just a post-90s.For the post-90s, simba’s behavior should be the ideal state in the minds of many of us, so many people envy Simba.But we won’t be Simba after all.Because we have not experienced the vicissitudes of life, did not eat he had to eat the bitter, also did not suffer he suffered tired.Frankly, simba is one in a million, and it’s normal that we’re not Simba.But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to work hard. We should live like the light, like Simba.Even if we can’t return home as simba did, at least we will work hard until we have a house of our own. This peace of mind is our family’s promise to the Chinese people.If we can’t benefit our neighbors like Simba, we should at least take good care of our parents and be worthy of our filial piety, which should also be an achievement.Therefore, we can not become as successful as Simba, but we can not abandon simba’s learning attitude towards life and the courage to strive for a better life, nothing more.At the end of the article, THE author would like to say, friends, three self-reflection, every day you have simba?Note: the pictures shown in the article come from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete