Breeze stroke face to send lotus fragrance, moonlight hazy night is not ended

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art breeze blow face to send lotus fragrance, moonlight hazy night is not ended, a piece of autumn is infinite good, poetic painting into Huazhang.Shuiying tianguang wang, Jiangshan painting meaning infinite, lotus fragrance three points Yulu in harmony.Jiangnan is different, mountain light water shadow ten breeze drunk, moonlight three points Yulu melt.Water, moonlight hazy liu like smoke, wave shake qianying, 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings into poetry.Water artefact, quietly elegant drunk heart, the breeze into the night sleepless, in full view of autumn.Reflecting light ripening peng Door, flying flowers into wine bottles, ten miles of lotus fragrance moonlight water left a mark.Midnight breeze mirror reflected the sky, lotus fragrance in the pool dim.Jiangnan scenery is beautiful, ethereal swing tianya, hazy landscape Penglai Fairyland home.Human home, hazy moonlight through the window screen, fragrant soul ethereal jiangnan the first flower.Moonlight oblique, to whose house, light song ethereal before the building to see fallen flowers.Around the mountains, cage cui Luang, suspected is a fairy home beauty wins the peach garden.Ren Tianya, rivers and lakes where cha, drunk eyes hazy looking for old dreams, green mountains and clear waters is my home.Home mountain willow new, hazy drunk look at the world of mortals, floating clouds ethereal building memories of old people.Castle peak vague hazy fog, vaguely romantic, misty misty rain of oz ren Tianya.Misty life for decades, an alpine rain any linger, home mountain dream hazy sky.Cage gauze, misty castle peak reflected sunset, hazy where to go, bridge water is who.The end of the world where is not home, drunk eyes hazy see sunset, misty yunshan thousands of miles away, an alpine rain as wind and sand.Misty drunk home hill several degrees of spring, misty rain of oz ren naivete.Nihilistic fairy realm, an alpine rain jade flute blowing moon, tearful eyes hazy night has deep.Misty rain half river wind, light boat into the painting, on both sides of the hazy girl huan gauze red.To my house, drunk eyes see peach blossom, fragrant soul ethereal with water, misty rain Jiangnan dream she.Distant mountains such as dai fog hazy, jiangnan several heavy, misty light boat Ren Xidong.A leaf boat, jiangnan misty rain when Hugh, jade flute blowing willow, moonlight dim xiaolou.Misty rain misty cage distant mountains, wispy water clouds, hazy drunk home is harbor.Castle peak clear water dim see sunset, misty light boat misty rain ren Tianya.Look at the oblique hui, a few degrees back, misty tianya Yan Yu any wind blowing.One wild goose flies in the clouds, misty rain is falling thick and fast, whose jade flute is hazy as a guest.Jiangnan recall the old swim, the light boat misty mountains blurred place, suspected fairy home in a mirage.Return road fan firewood diameter, night moon hazy according to the guest heart, misty misty rain of oz to float.Dim moonlight night decayed, looking home mountain tears not dry, misty homesickness where to send, an alpine rain as cold.A wisp of incense, Jiangnan misty rain is vast, jade flute blowing willow, moonlight hazy into the gallery.Misty rain Jiangnan scenery China, the boat into the misty clouds, hazy mountains charming drunk, dream vaguely to my home.Sad personnel change, desolate eyes hometown autumn, poor lonely yellow flowers remember old tour.Acacia dream window in vain since sorrow, the most desolate is afraid of climbing.Leaves fall all lonely, deserted deserted desolate who with, sad is the moonlight cold.Everywhere desolate, sad tears two lines, empty acacia lonely with the setting sun.A sad fall, desolate eyes is the autumn wind, thousands of lonely vast wild goose empty.Few people, birds thin, desolate is the most sad to the hui.Boundless loneliness with the wind, acacia dream empty, desolate eyes is the most red falling flowers.All desolate hills, sad sorrow, empty acacia nowhere to send, endure loneliness down the drain.A sad dream words desolate, lonely lamp lonely acacia tears two lines.Plum blossom has lost the valley, gu Fang alone, mo desolate is the most old to.Loneliness is not wine, waste empty marks, the most desolate is the dream of the soul.Sing the wind, dream, thousands of lonely jiangshan empty.A don’t dream for years has been empty, how much loneliness with who, the most sad sad shine on the red.Another winter, do not spend the jade building empty, desolate past with water, infinite sad in a dream.Desolate blow down wood, sad eyes no one care, empty to the moon chang e where to live.Sad river piarpeggio, miserable eyes can not bear to listen to, lonely world how many things, leaving the moon alone.Article heaven and earth gas, more lonely is the most autumn moon, a sad as Kyushu.Full ting Fang, empty acacia tears two lines, desolate nowhere to Sue, sad is the most such as frost.Night desolate red, sad most is the wind, empty courtyard moonlight tube, lonely acacia dream.A sad nowhere, desolate past can not bear to listen to, who pity lonely residual red number.A dream into empty, lonely silent desolate where to go, sad only in the moon.Night has been deep, empty to the moon think old, desolate nowhere to complain, a cup of turbid drunk sad.Has gone with the wind, sad in a dream, empty acacia nowhere to send, acts left lonely with who.The past sad not free, the past went to waste, and now lonely West wind alone building.The sky sky sky miles, at midnight the shadow of the tree heart jing.Tree shadow dance sets the sun, the cold sing the evening cold, wild goose called a sky into melancholy.The sound of grass and trees at the beginning of the rest, tree shadow whirling moon is round, wild goose called long air cool sunny days.Sky far, the earth cold, tree shadow whirling desolate night appendix.According to the high autumn, the sky flow, several cold maple shadow ups and downs.On the west floor, the cold sing endlessly, the wild goose called the sky people far, a curtain of dreams and autumn.Stile dream, the moon moved tree shadow windowsill, heart with wild goose word maple red all over the ground.Sky wild goose word to write clear sorrow, a year of maple leaf autumn, tree shadow whirling discontinuous v. from sorrow.Autumn jiangnan flowers are open, wild geese fly saibeike wandering, the cold mystified branches tree shadow.The wave light is far, the dew is cool and the moonlight is cool. After hengempty people go, a curtain of dreams pillow autumn frost.The cold alone in the sound of the building, shuying whirling moon like hook, looking off the tianya south goose, acacia wisp for who autumn.North wild goose south flying dew cold chrysanthemum open, the window tree shadow sound dream.Good air boarding, wild goose word hengair cold intermittent sound, a river smoke tree shadow ups and downs.The tree shadow leaves the empty dream, the sound can not bear to sleep, hope broken tianya can send heart note.Sing endlessly, the tree shadow on the West floor, the sky wild goose called jing residual dream, yellow flowers everywhere is autumn.Wild goose can not fly to dongting head, drift ten thousand li autumn, tree shadow discontinuous complaint sorrow.Dongting autumn, wild goose to Hengyang several degrees of sorrow, the cold unknowingly, such as the hook dance shadow moon.Shake the wind shuying night slightly cool, according to the sound to sleep, wild goose called sky autumn chrysanthemum yellow.One night the west floor of the tree shadow, the sky wild goose is called yellow flower is autumn.The clouds are far away, the moonlight is cold, and the stile or stile dreams remain.Autumn deep leaves fall off, geese do not leave a trace, the cold cry lu Whirling half round.Whirling moonlight sink, the sound of broken wild goose called jing residual dream, see autumn light moving guest heart.Sad to sing tall building, tree shadow whirling moon like hook, wild goose called long and secluded dream every autumn.The wild geese word hengkongyue hook, a curtain of dreams after several autumn, the tree shadow before the window with the wind, the sleepside level sound soft.Wanli autumn, the sky goose called to provoke homesickness, do not understand from the people’s desire, tree shadow whirling moon like hook.The night is quiet deeper dream is not, the moon is like water according to the lone lamp, the star is thin cloud light autumn wind rises, caress the window screen to listen to the rain.Window screen to listen to the rain, star sparse cloud light xiaofeng light, on a thousand li deeper dream is not.Star thin cloud light window screen dream is not, tonight moon alone silent night.Balustrade see moon Ming, autumn wind bleak not cover acacia tears, look at the horizon vega.Such as water crystal, frogs with moon Ming, heaven through a few affectionate.Curtain roll window screen no one, another spring, on a thousand li deeper dream.And Chongyang, Chrysanthemum is yellow, tonight on a ray of primrose.Moonlight as water according to the empty court, deeper dream is not, alone window screen stars to see fireflies.Wutong, acacia on the moon, the sky and the stars turn, the window screen through a few affectionate.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art