Romantic world full of flowers, Ji ‘nan treasure flower city midnight flowers!

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Looking forward to looking forward to, there are a few days on the New Year.Buying New Year goods, pasting Spring Festival couplets, writing “fu” (福) and visiting flower markets are all part of the ceremony to welcome the Spring Festival.Swim in the colorful flower market, even the cold winter has become warm and moving, feel the whole mood better.Photography | Shao Kai during the Spring Festival, every family can buy a few place of flowers, romantic room storage with flowers, feel the person’s mood is good.Lunar New Year midnight flowers mainly refer to the flowers sold around the Spring Festival, so they are also known as annual flowers.Orchids, wintersweet, azalea, daffodils, etc.There are many kinds of flowers, many choices, and ornamental, very festive atmosphere.Generally from December every year to the next year before the Valentine’s Day about 2, 3 months or so, this period of time concentrated some grand festivals.Photography | Shao Kai lily flower market jinan east the biggest flower market, the lily flower is travel location of choice.The market area of the large, the full variety has been located in the forefront of Jinan.And different from other flower markets, lily flowers can be described as flowers, birds, fish and insects.Photography | | Shao Kai photography Shao Kai lily flower market position: teachnolosy of national quality inspection center of shandong province qilihe market across the cuckoo, chrysanthemum, Chinese rose, lily, hyacinth, butterfly orchid, big flower whelan…Beautiful flowers are striking people’s eyeballs, a whole is beautiful to.Children photography | in addition to flowers, qilihe market can also buy super cute more than meat.There are all kinds of succulents here, not only a lovely variety of succulents, but also a variety of styles and colors of succulents.Photography | Shao Kai flowers and birds fish pet market position: shandong hualong teachnolosy of hong home floor street flower aquatic fishing tackle market jiefang road no. 579 jiefang flowers aquatic fishing tackle market is worth purchasing all kinds of cut flowers.Many varieties, flowers are fresh.Bright roses, lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, platycodon…It is colorful and beautiful.Photography | Shao Kai market did distinguish between the flowers and green plants, to the flower area to green plant area, saw the POTS of flowers green plant, together with green seems to be gone to a fresh wind, feel the person’s mood is good.Photography | Shao Kai if does not have the time do potted flower, also want to decorate the house with flowers, add some festive atmosphere, the cut flowers is a good choice.Phalaenopsis: Phalaenopsis is a very classic New Year’s Eve flower, phalaenopsis flowers gorgeous jiao qiao, long flower appreciation, the number of flowers, beautiful shape.There are several colors, such as rose, light pink and light green.Photography | Shao Kai anthurium: oblong-elliptic heart-shaped eggs heart-shaped.Petiole slender, flax flat, leathery with waxy luster, orange-red or scarlet.Strong photography | Shao Kai cuckoo: flower full of color, corolla funnel-shaped, have red, pink, apricot pink,, white and so on, were carried out by the flourish of design and color is gorgeous.Photography | Shao Kai lotus lantern: huge bud like hanging lanterns, flower petals similar open lotus, the top of the stem and petals similar with pearl ruby balls, so named lotus lantern.Photography | Shao Kaiyin willow: various color;Dry insert water insert;Can separate bottle, also can do flower arrangement painting material.