Bundesliga: Cologne vs Frankfurt, on the gun?The visitors are out of sorts but the cologne striker is back

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The bundesliga clash between cologne and Eintracht Frankfurt will take place at 1.30pm on February 20, 2022.One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the return of cologne’s top scorer modest to the team.The Secret Service brings you first-hand information from both sides overseas below.Cologne’s top scorer Christian modeste (17 goals in 24 games), who was out of action before last season, is expected to return to training on Wednesday.2. The horn back to cologne goalkeeper cologne 1 horn, since the 12/13 season was the team’s goalkeeper, but since he was injured, is losing his place in the team starts to “, and the latter also outstanding performance, but the recent new crown of infection, so this horn will be back in March, but this state is his game will be played on the question mark.Cologne’s request to increase the number of fans at their home game from 10,000 to 25,000 was rejected, according to reports.According to eintracht Frankfurt, the 38-year-old Japanese veteran makoto Hasebe has signed a new five-year contract that will see him on the coaching staff after next season.Makoto Hasebe remains one of the team’s first choices in the backcourt this season, but his availability for this game is uncertain after suffering a pneumothorax.5. Frankfurt defense general state of the recent decline in Frankfurt, 29, general hin, reg in defence bureau back three, is the team defense the first general, but recently he state clearly weakening, many problems arised in the game, coach glassner is trying to help him out of the haze, but this he can withstand the cologne striker maude, the impact of the suspect.6. The winter break is like two different teams!Frankfurt need a rally before the winter break, Frankfurt once made a third consecutive, but such good momentum to an abrupt end after the winter break, after the winter break Frankfurt as if in the team, after five rounds of the league only 1 win 1 draw 3 negative, rana, team need to adjust and reflection, with a victory out of weakness.The fundamentals of the two teams although ranked in the middle of the table, but from the European war zone only 2 points and 3 points gap, so this game is a real “6 points” of the war, the loser into the European war hope will be greatly reduced;Eintracht Frankfurt have struggled, winning just one of their last five league games (1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses), including losses to then relegation strugglers Bielefeld and Wolfsburg;Cologne have won, drawn and lost their last four games, losing to bayern Munich and RB Leipzig.Data two teams nearly 12 times, Frankfurt 5 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses slightly the upper hand;The two teams have not scored more than 2 goals in the last 4 games.Eintracht Eintracht have won just nine of their last 46 away meetings with Cologne;Eintracht eintracht has a good away record, ranking 4th in the league this season.Cologne have a consistent home record, losing only 2 home games this season;The last four meetings between the two teams ended in small ball;Considering the importance of the game, both teams will be cautious, based on the invincibility of the opportunity to attack;The two teams play a mature game, the strength of the match, Frankfurt even have the chance to blow away a little cold.As a result, eintracht intelligence believes Frankfurt are unbeaten away.For more highlights, check out the Secret Service