76.3 billion yuan!In the first quarter of 2022, 31 key projects will be launched in high-tech Zone.

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Forge ahead to test the road, sail a new journey.On the morning of February 8, the construction of key projects in the first quarter of 2022 was held in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone.It is worth paying attention to that the high-tech zone is divided into one main venue and two sub-venues at the same time.A total of 31 key projects — including the Eton High-end Auto Parts Industrial Base, The Hi-tech Unremarkable Highway Composite Corridor project and a number of resettlement commercial housing projects — will be launched for the first quarter of 2022.It is understood that in the first quarter of 2022, the high-tech zone plans to start 31 projects, with a total investment of 76.3 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 25.5 billion yuan.Among them, 14 are advanced manufacturing projects.Rare metal materials including national advanced technology innovation center and high performance of titanium alloy products production base, aidan, high-end car parts project, QianHe pharmaceutical thatched cottage base construction projects, extension, the microelectronics industry base project, Eric photoelectric microwave data integration product industrialization project, auger bit (qi ā n) equipment manufacturing base and so on key projects, with a total investment of 19.5 billion yuan,The planned annual investment is 11 billion yuan;There are 3 service projects, including key projects such as Overseas Returnees Town of European and European Students Union, Silk Road Wisdom Valley and Gaoxin Xinluo Hotel, with a total investment of 4.1 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 1 billion yuan.7 infrastructure projects, including Unremarkable High Speed Composite Passageway Project, international Community Fashion Town district comprehensive development, Datang Xi ‘an Thermal Power Plant — Samsung Heat Source Plant Heating pipe network project, High-tech Zone “Four Good Rural Road” and other key projects, with a total investment of 34.5 billion YUAN, annual planned investment of 6.5 billion yuan;The total investment was 17.9 billion yuan, and the planned annual investment was about 6.8 billion yuan.Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.The high-tech zone will not stop construction of 28 projects under construction during the Spring Festival, but also promote the construction of 31 key projects.The relevant person in charge of the zone said that after the completion and operation of these projects, xi ‘an High-tech Zone will improve the industrial layout, promote employment, optimize the regional supporting environment and accelerate the construction of “four high-tech” have a positive boost role.