Year of the Tiger Spring Festival snow and ice Hi | Zhangjiakou: unlock the Spring Festival “new” winter Olympics skiing joy

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The Great Wall network · JiYun client – (reporter Allen zhang ziwei XiXiaoYu) this year’s lunar New Year holiday “encounter” held the winter Olympics, as a host of zhangjiakou are out of their homes, to ski resorts to enjoy the unique charm of skiing, have a distinctive ski during the Spring Festival, with actions to support the games are held at home party!The picture shows “Three small only” ready to slide.The reporter drove to zhangjiakou Wanquan district ciershan tunnel west exit on the north side of the Forest language valley snow and ice sports theme park.Near noon, the snow field is very busy, under the midday sun, the white snow field looks particularly beautiful.We all wear a variety of skiing equipment, in the snow show skills.Although the skiing level is high or low, but the face is unable to hide the excitement and excitement.The picture shows a couple learning to ski.”Our ski resort is very busy every day during the Spring Festival holiday!””Linyu Valley snow and ice sports theme park has intermediate slides, primary slides, learning trails, snow play area, land entertainment area, four seasons without power park, etc., is the largest mass entertainment ski base around zhangjiakou downtown area.This year’s Spring Festival holiday is affected by the Winter Olympics effect, urban areas and surrounding counties to ski holiday tourists are very many, is another form of cheer for the Winter Olympics!”The picture shows a father dressing his daughter with snow equipment.In the interview, the reporter found that the Spring Festival with children to ski particularly many, some children a look is “senior” small skiing enthusiasts, skating up beautiful posture, skilled action;Some of the children are very careful because they are new to skiing and need guidance from parents or coaches, but their smiles look like they are enjoying the novelty and fun of skiing.The picture shows a couple learning to ski.Not far away, a little girl of three or four years old, is struggling to slide forward bit by bit with the poles, looks very cute!Her mother was there to encourage her.About the Spring Festival to ski, her mother said excitedly: “this is just a few days holiday, is also the day of the winter Olympics host, can be said to be the double happiness, today with her two children to ski, is to want to experience the fun of ice and snow sports, also hope that we well games athletes at the winter Olympic Games in China, for motherland graced!”In the side of the little girl’s brother also said to the camera, “Come on winter Olympics!Come on China!”In the snow area, a ski lover is trying to snowboard said: “I am zhangjiakou people, because of the winter Olympic Games held in my hometown set off the national ski heat, today with children to ski for the New Year, feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, and skiing is particularly handsome, especially exciting, with children to play a play feel particularly good!”When asked which sport he liked best, he gave a thumbs-up and said, “Snowboarding, of course. It’s the most handsome sport in the world.”The picture shows a skier skiing on the intermediate course.Ski coach is a veritable “big” on the ski field, many first-time parents choose to find a coach for themselves and their children to teach skiing skills and skills, ready to really learn this sport.Wang Guohui, head of the ski school, said, “As Zhangjiakou is one of the three areas for The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, more and more people are falling in love with snow and ice sports with the winter Olympics.So many people come to ski during the Spring Festival holiday, which reflects the popularity of ice and snow sports in Zhangjiakou. It is the Winter Olympics that heats up the ice and snow sports and makes the ski resort hot.I hope the Chinese athletes will make great achievements in the Winter Olympics.”