Method is indispensable to life.

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Recently, I got hooked on the “Tik Tok” wilderness survival show. Contestants carry only a few necessary tools, such as knives, flint, fishing nets, tarpaulins and so on, and then live alone in no man’s land. Whoever can last the longest will win a big prize.B: That sounds easy, since some tools are allowed.But the reality is that in the wild, the performance of competitors varies widely.Rookie fishing on the shore every day but nothing, can only be hungry, and god has picked up the abandoned oil barrels made into a boat to deep water fishing, every time there is a harvest, fish to eat more than;While the novice could only gather berries and bark to feed himself, the great god stalked the buffalo and, using only one knife, turned over a ton to secure victory in advance.Survival in the wilderness is a test of perseverance, luck, psychological quality, but most importantly, survival skills.Find a good way, will get twice the result with half the effort.However, in our life and work, we are often reluctant to use our brains and find methods.To do things just as things, eyes, hands, mouth, is not to the brain.As if as long as I do, regardless of the intentions, direction is not right, the effect is not good, have nothing to do with themselves.And finally, an excuse for a bad result. I did my best.Obviously, this is not true.Take writing articles for example, some masters in the premise of not delay the work, every day to complete a thousand words.This is unthinkable to a novice.Of course, such a high yield can be attributed to years of persistence, that is to say, a great player has profound skills.But we’re all flesh and blood, with only 24 hours a day, work shifts, wine meetings, kids to take care of, and even when you’re writing, you always need time to write.We usually understand this is definitely not try very hard to squeeze time to do it, I tried, time generally only have work, in order to complete the daily, at the time I put down everything, even sacrifice the time together with your child, insist on for a month, make oneself pain, severe anxiety, insomnia, hair grow a lot of root, and ending with abandon.What’s the problem?Do you not work hard enough, have enough time, or have enough determination?Neither.There’s only one reason why the big guys can do it, but they can’t do it themselves.As an office worker, you can only use the scraps of time to write articles, but you can not have a large chunk of time to play.We need to find ways to improve efficiency.With the big guy, I learned a few good ways, so that always sad no time to write anxiety greatly relieved.One is to be good at capturing the flash in the mind.Everyone will have a moment of inspiration every day. Once it happens, record it with one or two sentences. Then combine with your own thinking, build a framework and fill in some flesh and blood to form an article.Second, it is good at storing materials for winter.In survival of the Wild, when food is plentiful, the gods save the leftovers for a rainy day.The same goes for writing. When you have three or five ideas a day, save them and write them down in a memo for when you run out of ideas.The third is to think clearly before writing.The fundamental reason why I can’t write and write slowly is that I don’t think clearly. If I think clearly, writing is just to turn my thinking into words and finish a thousand words in less than half an hour.I learned a good method from da Jia. When I got inspiration and didn’t have time to write, I used the recorder of my mobile phone to say it out, and then directly converted it into words, which greatly saved time.You may not be skilled at the beginning, but you can always sort out your ideas.Wait until skilled, said that is written, a little finishing is an article, a thousand words every day is simply easy and happy.God to find a way, rookie than hard, the gap from this.