Know whether: such as LAN to Ming LAN always overbearing contempt, why Ming LAN but to spoil it?

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It is well known since the childhood was as blue as enemy is the man who is Chinese cymbidium, because Chinese cymbidium since childhood with such as LAN, can not clearly is an ordinary woman but had a noble than office female, grab something to front office female also not convergence, partial shing lee also forbid office ordinary houzhai theory, in recent years, such as orchid don’t know how in front of the ordinary elder sister had frowsty, she had no way to give the ink seems a good face,Even faking it was hard for her.In contrast, it seemed that Ru LAN treated Ming LAN much better. She not only talked to Ming LAN, but also talked with her. Especially after Mo LAN got married, the two sisters got closer, as if they were really sisters.But is the truth really so harmonious?As long as careful observation can be found, such as orchid and Minglan get along all the time in the upper hand, scold The Black orchid is common female also scold Minglan go in, she can be right minglan with pleasant face, because minglan is completely obedient to her.Ming LAN is not to please the type of personality, she is in front of all people is this appearance, but in front of such as blue but obviously relaxed a lot, sometimes even have the idea to tease such as blue, unexpectedly let the character a filar silk spoil the meaning of drowning.So the question comes: such as orchid to Ming LAN always overbearing contempt, why Ming LAN can treat it with indulgence?Such as orchid and wanda lady is a mold carved out of character, is sounded and tide wait for no man, but also will only hurt himself with his lips, never make what carried little affectations, she felt moran hate started beating moran directly, don’t think lily of valley obedient directly out of her sister’s identity to lily of valley, in the landscape was a desire to sheng house after house,The sheng including Ming LAN himself, treat people and do things are less to play tricks, even in order to protect themselves also had to make some means, slant such as blue mind pure, never face a set behind a set.Than bottom grumpy, such as at a glance, more afraid of mind jiuqu ileal moran lily of valley, in the original lily of valley after adopted by filled the old lady has try to do small transparent reduce presence, yet Chinese cymbidium is caught whose temper who is whole, lily of valley no less in her hand hurt, such as orchid with her much more than it really is easy to get along with, because lily of valley tend to follow MAO lu ping such as orchid temper,Like coax a child to let such as orchid calm down, although Ming LAN is younger sister, but who can stand a milk fierce milk fierce lovely sister?Of course it is to yield ah!