In spring, sing for the dreamer

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Guangming network commentator: Ren Yin New Year tiger jump to.This will be a spring full of vitality.No matter where you are, we are coming from the spring breeze you say: laborious!Happy New Year to you!Chinese New Year is the warmest moment for every Chinese.Year, is the mouth of the hua mo, aroma is overflowing bacon, is steaming rice cake, is not drunk first rice wine.New Year, family reunion, bright lights;It is night talk around the stove, to recall the past;It’s about drinking and thinking about the future.That is why, on this special occasion, we extend our highest salute and warmest wishes to those who remain at their posts and cannot be reunited with their families.Because of your existence, we enjoy the quiet good years.Take care of a year of hard work, comfort a year of missing, countless you and ME, in the common festival, each other warm, encourage each other, gather the power to continue to move forward.Always in such a New Year, hua Zhangji new moment, only more truly feel seize the day, live up to the pride of time.In the past year, we have made historic progress in resolving the problem of absolute poverty, which had plagued the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Together, we have witnessed the prime of life of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in its centenary year.In The land of China, we take a solid step to solve the high-quality development;On the international stage, we have written a magnificent story of the common progress of mankind.In the vastness of space, we are left with the confidence to explore the universe.You and I, are the heroes of this era!Annual growth of 8.1%!This remarkable report card is the achievements that you and I have made in overcoming difficulties and making unremitting efforts.The miracle of grain production “18 even abundant” is the harvest of grain stored in the ground and technology.The first landing of The Tiwen 1 probe on Mars is a result of our joint efforts and efforts.City skies are bluer, country fields are greener, people smile more sweetly…The good life in ordinary days is a reward for your hard work and mine.”Small family” and “everyone”, “present” and “long-term”, “sweat” and “harvest”, for us to interpret “lying flat is not desirable”, “lying to win is impossible” and “struggle at the right time” this melody of The Times.Spring is coming.We cheer for the spring of the motherland, but also for the construction workers shuttling through the scaffolding, facing the dawn cleaning the streets of the cleaning sister-in-law, rushing about in the city streets express brother……Cheers for everyone who is brave enough to pursue their dreams.Sunrise river bonus wins the fire, spring to the river green as blue.New beauty, new history, waiting for us to write, to create.As long as you sweat in the spring, you will not be shy before the fruits of the autumn garden.Friends, roll up your sleeves and come on!Every inch of land under your feet is waiting for you to carefully cultivate;Friends, please push forward with your chest!The world is only spelled out wonderful, there is no happiness waiting.Let us plant deeper roots and draw from mother Earth.Let us raise our branches higher, to meet the desire of sunshine and rain;Let us make the leaves more numerous to give shade to every traveler;Let us blossom more sheng, fragrant spread thousands of……No matter in the village school three feet platform edge, or in conquering the “neck” technology laboratory;Whether it is near the sewing machine where the stitching is close, or in front of the computer where the strings are connected…Day after day struggle, is exactly the source of a happy life, any ordinary post, are in the interpretation of extraordinary life.Is a jump of water aggregation, to gather into a high-spirited advancing torrent!In his New Year’s speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “In the fleeting time, we have seen and felt a China that is resilient and thriving.”This resilient and thriving China is a country with a more balanced education and a better economy, a country that has made many innovations and pursued policies that benefit the people, a country where science and technology are changing with each passing day and culture continues to carry forward, a Country with ever more material wealth and ever more abundant spirit.As We embark on a new journey, China will make unremitting efforts in reform and opening-up, improve people’s wellbeing, and pursue innovation and development. Let the sun shine on fairness and justice, let the picture of green and harmonious development continue, and let everyone unleash the vitality of excellence.This is not our common expectations for a better life, always strive for self-improvement goal!The Spring has arrived, and infinite possibilities are in sight.Please pack up and head for the beautiful landscape of the vast wilderness!(Please indicate the source of “guangming Network”, the author of “Guangming network commentator”)