Illegal hunting yellow chest bunting and other rare and endangered species of wild birds | liaoning scenic mountain a man has been sentenced to 12 years and pay 410000 yuan

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, panshan county, liaoning province of the people’s court announced publicly criminal incidental civil public interest litigation, the defendant li mou commits the rare and endangered wildlife crime, was sentenced to 12 years in accordance with the law, fine of 30000 yuan, confiscate the seizure of trap machine, silk screen, such as crime tool, compensation of ecological environment resources loss of 417300 yuan,And publicly apologized to the news media.Between August and September 2021, the defendant area under the condition of knowing the birds in the close season, in panjin merchant area north grange gaos thought a town community set in a paddy field to bird nets, and placed near the bird net play with yellow chest bunting and rosefinch bird sound recording, at the same time also are hung on the pole of silk screen is equipped with rosefinch bird cages,They are used to capture yellow-breasted buntings and rosefinch that pass through during migration, and the captured birds are used for selling and eating.Public security organs will be caught on the spot, and seized yellow-breasted bunting, rosefinch, yellow eyebrow bunting, shrike, willow warbler, waxbeak, finch, embroidered eyes and a number of dead birds were peeled.According to statistics, the number of live wild birds involved in the case was 62 yellow-breasted buntings, 3 rosefinch, 3 waxbeak, 1 finch and 3 yellow-browed buntings. The rest of the birds involved were all dead.After the trial, the defendant Li illegally hunted 112 precious and endangered wild animals under national key protection yellow chest bunting, the circumstances are particularly serious, its behavior violated the national management system of precious and endangered wild animals, has constituted the crime of endangering precious and endangered wild animals.Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Dawa District, Panjin City verified that the value of birds involved in the case was 417,300 yuan according to the Value Evaluation Method of Wild Animals and Their Products published by Order No. 46 of the State Forestry Administration, which could be used as the basis for determining the value loss of birds involved in the case.According to the circumstances of the defendant’s crime, attitude of confession and repentance, the court made the above judgment in accordance with the law.Source: People’s Court Daily