Dongyang traffic battle convenient people travel

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Jinhua news client February 13 news reporter Chen Qiyu “asphalt access to the door is really convenient!””Now that the roads are clear, it’s much easier to visit.”During the Spring Festival, Wu Pingxia, who lives in Dongyang City, Wuning Street, Xingping community into home community, realizes the benefits of traffic battle. Friends and relatives come to pay a New Year’s call and will boast the new changes at home.In previous years, relatives and friends had to enter the neighborhood through the connecting path. In some places, only one car could pass, and on rainy days, it was muddy.Last year, with the north extension project of Professor Road and the east extension project of Jiangbin South Street opened to traffic, residents in Chengjiali community have completely improved their travel conditions.”Our community will have more space for development in the future.”‘The roads are unblocked, and people are comfortable,’ said Lou Zhongxiao, head of the Chengjia community.Improved transportation conditions not only make it easier for people to travel, but also inject strong impetus into local economic development.On February 12, the first day of Shanghai Pai Asia Pacific Clothing Co., LTD., located in nanshi street, the workers in the workshop were busy as usual.Su Daojing, the person in charge of the enterprise, says the company is the beneficiary of the traffic battle.”In the past, the company had to go through Nanwuling and Dongyi Road to purchase and deliver goods to Yiwu. The road was not only crowded, but also the transportation efficiency was greatly reduced.After the reconstruction of 39 provincial highway, the starting point is near the company, and now it is convenient to come and go to Yiwu.”According to statistics, since last year, Dongyang city in accordance with the completion of a batch, continue to build a batch, start a batch, reserve a batch of “four batch” requirements, rolling implementation of a batch of traffic major projects, continued to start a comprehensive traffic battle.In 2021, the city completed a total of 7.49 billion yuan of investment in comprehensive transportation, accounting for 108% of the annual planned investment, and 3.696 billion yuan of fixed asset investment, a growth rate of 45.3%, ranking second in Jinhua.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: