Is it really a loss to buy an apartment?What is the experience of buying an apartment?

2022-05-12 0 By

Apartment is an industry that many young people want to own at present, because the cost of buying an apartment is much lower than that of a house, but in the long run, living in an apartment is not a small expense. In terms of water, electricity and living experience, it is naturally not as comfortable as a house, so it depends on the choice of individuals.Buy apartment really lose it if it is self living not kui, residential apartment sold second-hand deal, but it is not how many money, but if it is a commercial apartments, first of all, there is no gas, secondly ShangShui quotient electricity that most people are difficult to manage, every month spending is quite high, second to second-hand resell, need to pay a lot of taxes,Therefore, second-hand apartments are difficult to sell, generally buy apartments or can not afford to live, or is used for investment rental.Buy an apartment to live a lifetime of residential and commercial apartment is, the commercial apartment property is 40 years, and residential apartment is 70 property, apartment or house, only 70 of the highest property, could not have lived a lifetime, but the apartment is vary from person to person, if you are single, also suitable for buying an apartment living for a long time, because the apartment area is small,It is fully functional, and is usually located in a prosperous area, which is more convenient to live. If there is a family, it needs to consider the area is large, otherwise it is not suitable.In my opinion, there are both good and bad residential experience. Generally speaking, the neighborhood of the apartment is very convenient for commercial development, but the disadvantage is that the floor area ratio is high. There are more than ten or even twenty houses on each floor.The apartment also wants oneself to carry, carry floor height, 5 meters above, still have 6 meters even, the area can buy big, the sitting room can hollow out, decorate a few better, water and electricity charges look for and civilian about the same, take the apartment of weather.Anyway, it is cheaper than the housing in the same area, and the living experience is the same.Or even better, depending on your choice.If you care about residency, school district, mobility don’t take an apartment.It’s the same for living, don’t listen to those people, the house is still run-down.