Chinese children have a New Year

2022-05-12 0 By

Today is New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve morning, the Chinese nation’s sons and daughters are silent, at home to prepare for the New Year’s Eve gifts.Come, year really come.With the approach of the year, the mood with the joy of joy and joy, joy and change music.Yes, the Year of the Chinese nation, the Chinese children are willing to throw away all the troubles, all the pain, happy to welcome the arrival of the New Year.New Year 365 days, just come to the world.The Year of China, a year to come to the world once, to visit the Chinese children.Years bring joy;Brings blessings;Bring beauty, year to the world is a big gift.At the same time, years took away the devil, took away the disaster, took away the great pain of the world.We have no reason to complain;With depression;Welcome in the New Year with worries.The arrival of the year, not only to increase the new atmosphere in the world, but also to remind the Chinese children, do not forget the memorial ceremony, for the happy life of the Chinese descendants, shed their heads, shed blood hero predecessors.Our happy life today, is the heroes with their lives for.Tell the people of the world to cherish their lives while living in a prosperous time with abundant products.Let the devil of the world, early roll out of the prosperous world.Let the citizens of the world health and happiness.Bless the world, happy New Year’s Eve!Forever healthy!