A one-man stand

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Since this round of epidemic, “nucleic acid is either done, or on the way to do nucleic acid” has become a daily clock of Zhengzhou people, and the nucleic acid collection site of non-febrile people in Zhengzhou No. 3 Hospital is the vanguard of the anti-epidemic team, they always stand at the forefront of the anti-epidemic preparedness!The nucleic acid collection point for non-febrile patients is located at the gate of the hospital. About 10 square meters of space is the position that these medical personnel have been sticking to, which is also the forefront of the war against the epidemic.From September 2021 to now, from early autumn to early spring, qi Jing, the head nurse, and her team have always stuck to this place.Before the epidemic, they were the vanguard of all departments. After the outbreak, they were the emergency medical team and the first line of defense against the epidemic.Most of the 9 medical staff in the department are post-70s and post-80s, and they occasionally joke that they are a “sunset red”!But do not look down upon this sunset red, nucleic acid collection standards, procedures are familiar to the heart, Qi Jing said: “we are to collect nucleic acid this thing well, do fine!”24 hours of working time, late at night when the lights are bright, there is no “off work” concept for the staff of this post!They were still collecting nucleic acids while everyone else was sleeping, and for them, sleep was empty.Whenever talking about this, Qi Jing, the head nurse of the nucleic acid collection site, has a slight satisfaction on her face. “Each of us has his own ‘ability’ to sleep standing up, lying on his stomach or shrinking up…Sleeping in seconds is not a problem!”It is such strange sleeping position, protecting countless late night to nucleic acid testing zhengzhou people!It was the repeated epidemic of their family members and comrades that increased their workload, and they repeated the same process every day. At the end of the day, they had to disinfect at least hundreds of times. They took off their gloves, and their hands became stiff and red.It is this pair of hands, with efficient, rigorous, orderly working state, with a kind attitude, patient explanation, won the praise of countless people.They are family, they are comrades in arms, and just like in the war, you can always trust your comrades and trust them with your back, it is the trust and security they give to each other.Team like JiJing stick to work in a line of “mom and dad”, there are a lot of encouragement, understanding of family, let they do not have trouble back at home, they said: “the time to accompany children and the elderly is less, but in order to more families, more child can have parents to accompany, now pay is worth it.”In the frontline of COVID-19 prevention and control, every “Qi Jing Team” always bears in mind that the epidemic is the command, and prevention and control is the responsibility. At every tireless moment of fighting, and at every single night, they have reassured millions of Zhengzhou people with patience, carefulness and thoughtfulness, and become their most solid reliance!One man’s position can withstand a thousand horses!In the past two years, they have stuck to such a nucleic acid collection site of less than 10 square meters, providing accurate specimen collection services for countless people regardless of heat and winter. They firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all of us, the epidemic will be as cold as winter and the fog will disappear when spring blossoms.(Jiang Wei)