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The winding path of my hometown Wang Shaoxiang In the hot summer, overcast, the sky chaotic clouds flying, covering the hot sun.Drive thousands of miles back to my hometown.A few days of sultry, let my mood melancholy, full of sadness.Think of that path, forever engraved in my mind, let me can not forget.With deep attachment to the old love, with the indelible impression of childhood, walking alone on the country road.This path is bumpy, winding, footprints are years of hickey, engraved with half a century of vicissitudes.I do not know how far the path is, nor how long it is, but I see it winding and rugged, leading to the endless distance.Along the winding path, is the most familiar place in the dream, picked up a section of the past, those unable to forget the story reverberated in the bottom of my heart.Here is the joy of my childhood, carrying the dream of my heart.Here I study through the footprints, small footsteps, here through a storm and snow frost, reading gave me knowledge, with flying wings.Here are the tears my parents shed when they sent me to join the army, and the journey of life to serve in an army uniform.I have a wife and children waiting for me to come home.Let me feel the heavy responsibility, more understand the responsibility of a man.I walk alone on the path, lonely world so sad.A breeze blowing, filar silk raindrops fall on my face, she is so gentle, she is so fresh.Let me no longer alone, washed my heart sadness.I hold the raindrop in both hands, gently to the lips, sucking her light sweet, enjoy the cool silk.Accompanied by light wind and drizzle, he moved his feet gently and walked carefully on the rain-soaked path.The trees along the road were lush, and birds in pairs were leaping and singing merrily on the trees.The wild flowers along the road are gorgeous and give out a faint fragrance.Standing here listening to the cicadas, standing here smelling the flowers.Looking far into the distance, the land rolling wheat waves, swaying farmers’ ardent hope for a good harvest.Take a firm step, find the end of the path, let your mind fly in happiness.The sky is always the end of life, the earth is not the end of life.I fear the wind away my thoughts, I fear the rain wet flowers.I am afraid that the mood is no longer beautiful, I am afraid of old and lonely.This path is my witness, engraved with my love and pain, engraved with my happiness and sadness, engraved with my hair turned white, engraved with my life suffering and glory.I thank this path, bring rich and colorful life, bring strong character, bring love together, bring a steady stream of affection.The patter of rain had stopped, and a golden sunset hung in the west, shining brightly on the endless path…About author: Wang Shaoxiang, born in Leling City, Shandong Province.Joined the army at the age of 18, in the anti-aircraft artillery 601 regiment as a soldier, monitor, platoon leader, regiment headquarters staff.Chief of staff of Artillery Command of Beijing Military Area Command, Chief of staff of Anti-aircraft artillery 629 Regiment, chief of anti-aircraft artillery Regiment of 38th Group Army, Head of hospital Department of Armed Police General Hospital, rank of senior colonel, retired now living in Beijing.