“The World” original: Zhou Bingyi marriage “trouble”, Kim Yue-hee’s attitude, shocking

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Kim Yuki was Choo’s life coach.She usually gets things done quickly without speaking big words.Organizationally, she had little to say about her arrangements, and was sure to guess almost everything.Follow powerful, and can talk with their own poetry, calligraphy and painting elders, Zhou Bingyi’s good luck.As secretary of the party Committee of the munitions factory, appointed a place, Zhou Bingyi unconvinced and mother-in-law according to reason.Kim is well aware of her son-in-law’s concerns.The old lady, knowing that her son-in-law cared about face, wanted to take a step to rise.Retired, she saw her son-in-law struggling to find success, using connections, directly mentioned the new status.Daughter Hao Dongmei felt that the munitions factory was a hot potato.Talk to the mother, Kim Yueyi’s words, it can be said that the confidence is enough, effortless, let Zhou Bingyi automatically admit.She said: I get you. You’re the one who wants to get things done.Lao Hao thought highly of you. You did grassroots work.Just because you’re our son-in-law, don’t forget why you’re here.In the original work of “The World”, Kim Yue-hee fought and was injured before liberation, her body was broken down and she fell ill. Such a legendary woman, married to the head of a province, has revolutionary qualifications and profound historical stories.On the way to promotion, there is such a elder love like relatives, Zhou Bingyi’s heart warm.Regiment period, regardless of gossip married the Hao Dongmei of compassion, separate different read a university.Zhou bingyi’s heart is all on his wife, an accident, his wife can not have children.And Zhou Zhigang lie, is their own reasons.It didn’t matter whether he had children or not. Zhou bingyi was very successful in his official career.He spent half his life in the service of the People of Jichun, throwing his life into this territory.Until the moment of illness and death, comfort younger siblings do not care too much about the words of the outside world.Zhou Bingyi has measure, line is sitting end, officialdom did not use “governor son-in-law identity” to show off, know hao parents “face”.Although he could not speak much disobedient language in front of his parents, he was a core figure who could endure the chaos and deal with the conflicts between the two families at the critical moment.As week home eldest brother, affection consciousness is weak, a life is exhausted.Thanks to Kim Yueji love, with practical action concerned about the poor son-in-law.Kim Yue-hee was the first to vote against Hao Dongmei’s marriage to Zhou Bingyi.At that time, she was in the sad atmosphere of the loss of her husband. The original work is written as follows: The light film is a place mother has heard of, how can ordinary people in that kind of place produce outstanding young people?Mother can guess what kind of husband you have married without meeting you!When a few years of educated youth, their own decision married.Hao Dongmei complained to her mother about her hard life.Mother unexpectedly think daughter hypocritical, born in a high-stem family, have the opportunity to experience the hardships of life, is not good experience.Zhou bingyi did not expect that his mother-in-law was so sensible.However, he was slightly distressed to live in this small house.I live with my mother-in-law every day.The Chows, they didn’t say much.”Construction workers” Zhou Zhigang did not say, agreed to the eldest son as a son-in-law.At that time, unable to live in a new house, the son had no place to live, only to go to relatives.”The World” original mentioned that Zhou Bingyi in the Hao family lived like a fish in water, Jin Yue-ji on this young energetic son-in-law, full evaluation, two people just like old friends, interested in the topic of every meal can talk comfortably, and the world.Chow bingyi discussed his life values in detail with his mother-in-law every time and drew lessons from them.As an intellectual, cultured young worker, he lacked smooth channels.The hao family always intensifies the conflict between husband and wife, and Kim Yue-hee takes the initiative to assume the mediator, such as this time: Yue-husband duo switch sides and talk about mother and son.He said seriously, before I came to live with you, I had a strong sense of not disgracing you as a good son-in-law.Since I moved here, my sense of being a good son-in-law is getting less and less every day…There’s something in it, and it’s profound.There are three meanings. Zhou bingyi had treated his mother-in-law as a family member, which also contributed to his successful career.Zhou Bingyi uses true words to verify which way of talking wins favor of the elderly.Again under the care of others, if everything is too dull, it is not good.This promising young man, who was destined to take the “official road”, was determined to go out and calm down. In his introverted means of doing things, I saw the poise and momentum that a calm man should have.Sent to the Soviet Union, foreign love questioned by his wife The position of party secretary of the munitions factory seems very glamorous, but in fact requires more effort.Kim Yue-hee heard that Zhou Bingyi moved here, surprised.This is the best growth test for Zhou Bingyi, but also to detect her appointment of talent wrong.The workers and cadres in the factory especially welcome the arrival of the new leader.Zhou bingyi solved the factory, personally went to the Soviet Union, change the status quo inside.At this moment of Zhou Bingyi, the body “red light”, more than three months of time, desperately work, suffering from gastric ulcer recurrence serious.I listened to the doctor’s advice about conservative treatment.Heaven pays off to those who wait, there is always a miracle of effort, the lucky one who is favored by god, achieved victory.Have to sigh, Zhou Bingyi’s practice.Through negotiations and networking, substantial value was achieved.According to the original story, he secured a shipbreaking deal for the munitions factory, which would bring in nearly a million dollars.The buyer did not know how to dismantle the ship and believed that it could be done perfectly by the munitions factory.Zhou bingyi became famous, praised not only by his mother-in-law, but also by his mouth.Some people think that he is good at Russian and has a good understanding of Russian and Soviet culture and the way of the world. Some people think that he got help from the old commander of the Shenyang Military Region.Some people think that he was Peking University those students to help is certainly not small.Hao Dongmei had no reason not to be pleased with her husband’s feat. To be honest, hao Dongmei had won the support of the century. However, another anxious thing happened and came in a hurry.Zhou Bingyi’s “love life” in the Soviet Union was announced in large letters, the newspaper for the eyeball, so bold description: transnational business to promote exotic love, public and private win-win open romantic flowers.His wife’s inquiry, he took a look, the whole piece belongs to the flood of ambiguous literature, the reporter’s writing seems to deliberately interfere.Hao Dongmei questioned, there is a word in the article called brief encounter.In the original work of “The World”, Zhou Bingyi recounted the process of “affair” in detail. From the words, he felt his loyalty to his wife. Hao Dongmei listened to the “explicit words” in the report.She spoke from time to time, afraid of missing something important.Business trip that several months, Zhou Bingyi had a long story.When he first came to the local, the project was carried out slowly, and the buyer and seller had various rules. He drank hard at the wine table and was hospitalized.While in the hospital, he befriended a divorced physician 10 years younger named Olia.One was eager to learn about China’s reform and opening up, while the other talked eloquently about Russia and Soviet literature.Talk very happy, more talk more vigorous, With Bingyi to go to her home, see her father.The old man, the use of human resources, helped bingyi, saved the fire and ice munitions factory.Hao Dongmei was concerned that her husband’s interrogation was a matter of friendship, which is part of etiquette among foreign friends.Return to the family dinner, two middle-aged men and women can not bear the loneliness of deep kiss two marriage almost cracks, but Zhou Bingyi knows humility, to change, will reflect on, in front of the facts, not debate.Her mother-in-law Kim Yue-hee saw it this way. It was inconceivable that the young couple were conflicted and unhappy for many days.The news soon reached Kim Won-hee.I don’t want to hear the details of your affair. The mother-in-law will only say two things.First, as Dongmei said, stop here.If there is more, let alone she turned against you, even I will not consent.”Second, if that Olya writes to you, you can keep it from Dongmei, but not from me, and I must see every letter.I have no objection to your reply, and even support it.Somebody else helped to facilitate so big a thing, let you at the critical moment for the factory to get so big a single project, if the somebody else take the initiative to write you do not reply, it does not appear that Chinese men are too heartless.Chow bingyi was both moved and relieved. Why did he say so?First, Kim Wol-hee did not blame him for favoring her daughter.Second: Kim Wol-hee’s understanding revealed the “confusion” in his heart.Olivia did him a huge favor. They were intimate friends, and as a married man, he knew better than to mess around with other women.Moreover, Kim Wol-hee understands his character, his loyalty, how to betray the hard-won marriage.Kim Yueji the highest point, personally stifle Zhou Bingyi on The illusion of Oriya.She also solemnly warned: as a party member, to have the basic personality consciousness, proper practice, relieved Zhou Bingyi.She said earnestly: This matter may seem nothing to you, but if someone in the official circle tries to use it to screw you, you will still be disgraced, and there will be no room for progress.This private affair, by its very nature, is not bright.Kim Yueji reminded, unlock Zhou Bingyi’s “heart knot.”Don’t miss the flowers and plants outside, Ying Ying Yan Yan, always remember: cherish this marriage.I’ll be your gatekeeper. Don’t cross the line.And Zhou Bingyi also does not live up to the hope of Jin Yueji, this “lace news” not long dusty in the sea.Her words played a key guiding role.Kim Yue-hee, this patron, Choo Bingyi spent half a lifetime to thank.Zhou Bingyi, who made great achievements in his later years, encountered a large number of reports because of the demolition of the light film.However, the central Commission for Discipline Inspection, a clean, without a stain.Read the World carefully and you will understand the guiding significance of a strict teacher on the road to success.